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Haley (Greenville, Nc) on 09/26/2009
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I am diabetic and was overweight, blochy red skin, sun spots on my face, neck, chest, arms and legs. I read Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) was good to drink and put on skin. I bought some and began drinking 1 tablespoon three times a day and put it full strength on my body in the shower after bathing when I still had some water on me. I rubbed it all over including my face, neck whole body, arms, legs and feet. After a month I began to notice the sun spots were getting lighter, my skin was getting a more youthful look (I am 55 years old) and I had more energy. When I went to get my A1C checked, it was 5.4! My blood pressure was 113/63! My doctor was estatic and so was I. My skin now is clear and bright. I have LOTS of energy. I'm not tired anymore. All the sun spots are just about gone. My dark elbows and ankles are now a normal color. I am so happy. I have been getting so many compliments on my "glowing" complexion. My facial capillaries have just about disappeared. ACV to me is a miracle in itself.
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Replied by Billaj Satti from Rawalpindi, Pakistan on 07/25/2010

Hello dear. Well I'm facing the same problem and these spots are increasing about daily. In the beginning there was a single nominal spot between my right shoulder and neck but now they are on my chest from right to left shoulder and also now they are covering the back of my neck and under my arm. Please send me some good suggestion, if you need the pictures I can send that too

Replied by Brainbuster from Indianapolis, In on 03/14/2013

Did you drink the ACV "with the mother" or just the regular big container you can get for cheap?
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Replied by Anita from New York on 09/17/2014

When u put Apple Cider Vinegar on in the shower, did u rinse it off? How long did it stay on your body? Thanks..
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Replied by Veena from Denver, Colorado on 11/21/2014

I have very sensitive skin on the face, can I use ACV for age spots? Will it not cause itchiness?
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Replied by Mama to Many from Tennessee on 11/22/2014

Dear Veena,

You could try diluting the ACV a good bit and test it on a small area of the skin. I would start with 1 Tablespoon ACV to 1 cup of water. You could increase the amount as you are comfortable.

You could also follow up with some castor oil, which is good for the skin.

~Mama to Many~

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Replied by Veena from Denver, Colorado on 11/27/2014

Thanks for the reply Mama to Many!

Am I going to apply it to my skin like a toner and leave it on overnight or rinse it with water after several minutes? Can I wash my face with facial wash before applying ACV or not? How many times do I have to do this? Please explain also the use of castor oil.

Thank you for taking time in answering my questions.

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Replied by Mama to Many from Tennessee on 11/28/2014

Dear Veena,

People use ACV in such a variety of ways. Yes, you could use it as a toner after washing your face. Some leave it on and some rinse it off. But I would start out with it diluted. You will have to see how it seems to do for you. I would use it once or twice a day. Then, at least at night, go ahead and rinse it off and gently apply some castor oil to your face. I like to use a cold preased hexane free castor oil. I do this before bed and my face never feels oily when I wake up the next day.

~Mama to Many~

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Replied by Veena from Denver, Colorado on 12/11/2014

Thanks again Mama to Many! I'll start on this beauty regimen today.

I'll update you with the progress in the coming days.

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Replied by Sandy from Naperville on 11/08/2017

Dear Mama to Many,

My sister developed some boil near her right nostril and also some reddish spots near end of nostrils. Doctor gave her some strong creams containing steroids. The rash did not reduce and after two months of using those creams she again went to doctor and he said it the beginning stage of vitiligo. and asked her to continue the creams and also said he can not predict anything. My sister is 70 years and very much terrified with this. She is active and have normal health.

I will be grateful if you can suggest some home remedy for this.


Replied by Mama To Many from Tn on 11/08/2017

Dear Sandy,

I have been thinking about what to suggest for your sister, as it started as a boil and possibly spread to the end of the nose?

My first thought was impetigo, which is common on that part of the face. It does sound like some sort of infection, anyway, whether bacterial or fungal.

There are so many things to try and with skin things I tend to just keep trying things until I find what works. But with the more tender skin of age, I would want to stick to remedies that are as gentle as possible. I was pondering castor oil, coconut oil, turmeric, acv....

Then I remembered this skin cream I was using for a while that I just loved - Nutribitoic Skin Ointment. It is kind of pricey ($8 for a half ounce tube) but a little goes a long way. I found it to be very gentle. It contains all sorts of stuff that would help a variety of problems. (It has herbs, castor oil, gse, honey, vitamins, essential oils etc.) Anyway, that is probably what I would try first.

Frankly, it doesn't sound like vitiligo to me, but I haven't seen it, I suppose! Vitiligo is a skin condition in which the skin isn't showing its pigmentation, I have never seen it raised or resembling boils or anything.

Let me know what you think.

~Mama to Many~

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Replied by Sandy from Naperville on 11/09/2017

Dear Mama to Many,

Tons of thanks once again for your reply and positive thought that 'it does not look like vitiligo'. Your answer gave her a ray of hope. Will definitely try your suggestion and keep you posted. Also pray for her that it cures 100% and that slighlty white patch becomes back to normal skin colour.

She also started wheatgrass juice first thing in the morning.

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Replied by karen from indiana on 08/10/2022

adelle davis cited a cure for this skin problem I believe it was b6 but is in one of her two most popular books