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Post Nasal Drip

Michael (New Zealand) on 08/08/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Hi there EC Editor - it's me again!

Below is an extract taken from your passage on this (EC) Site concerning Post Nasal Drip:-

All well and good so far as it goes but my favorite pharmacist asserts that, "Quite often a person will not realize that 'e is suffering from this condition, even though experiencing other symptoms consistent with same - as they do not feel anything actually going down the throat even though it is". Now there's a conundrum!

I came away with some Codral lozenges with advice that I might need to embark on a course of anti-histamines but have struggled on without the latter, as I am not a great fan of them, except if desperate. So back to the Codral lozenges, Manuka Honey lozenges, Salt water gargles and sucking on a lump of Coconut for as long as I can keep it in mouth, especially prior to retiring for the night. No phlegm or such, just a dry hacking intermittent cough with attendant sore throat. Also gets into the URT a bit further down unfortunately.

Now here's the rub though. You will struggle to find a doctor in this neck of the woods and as I was not actually in a comatose state, I was referred to the nice lady ('phone) nurse who was most sympathetic but claimed that it "Was a virus doing the rounds and that some people took MONTHS to shake it off". Thank you very much - is there no end to one's suffering these days?

Here is the relevant EC passage for your perusal & to wisely ponder upon:-

Post-nasal drip is a condition of the mucus membranes of the sinuses, which causes the presence of a liquid dripping feeling down the back of the throat. While specific treatment of the condition depends on the cause of the problem, natural treatments offer relief whatever the cause.

Cheers from Down Under