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New Topical Borax and DMSO Method for Arthritis - Works Incredibly Fast

Deirdre (CT) on 03/28/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Thought I would share my new borax method with the EC community as it's working so phenomenally well, and fast, I am quite stunned actually. I have been applying to my lower spine where I was having severe tailbone and sciatica the past few months as well as on my hand and knees. No more pain, no stiffness. I actually forgot I had a bad back yesterday!? I am only on day 4 of this and started seeing results after the 2nd day. This works much faster than the internal borax method, in my?opinion. Plus absolutely no side effects.


  • Bottle (I use a 4 oz amber bottle)
  • Borax
  • DMSO (buy on Amazon - 99.99%?purity)


  • Fill the bottle with 4 oz hot distilled water.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of borax (20 Mule Team is what I use)
  • Shake vigorously until the borax is dissolved. Make sure to shake vigorously every day before use.

Application Method

  • Shake, and then pour some of your borax solution into the palm of your hand and then apply?to any?problem areas you want to treat. Make sure to apply to clean skin before you do this because DMSO is a solvent.?Right after a shower is a good time.
  • Massage into the skin until most of it has been absorbed.
  • Add a few drops of DMSO to the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and then apply the DMSO on top of the borax. Massage into the area and then allow the area to dry before you put on any clothes.


No pain in the hands.. increased flexibility in the joints.. no clicking when I open and close my fingers. (Note: my hands are?achy from years of?karate as an adult and intense gymnastics as a child.)

Back pain -?gone.?


  • One need apply?the borax and DMSO solution only once a day to see results. Perhaps twice is better but one time works for me.
  • The targeted application seems to work much faster?than drinking an entire liter of borax 5 days a week.
  • I tried Art's borax arthritis topical cream method last year?but had a hard time dissolving the borax, so this?distilled water method works perfectly for me. Thanks for the original suggestion, Art!

Try this, please. Would love to hear results from other people.

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Replied by Claudi0 from Spring Hill, Florida on 04/10/2022

Have you tried adding the 2 drops DMSO to your 4 oz. of dist. water and 1 t. of borax solution? This would eliminate the extra streps and handling pure DMSO. I think I would try this myself.
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Replied by Renee from Boston on 05/23/2022

I just want you to know that this is a miracle worker! I followed your recipe for my sore spots and I'm not sure if that or internal Borax worked but it's helping. But besides that, I used the mixture on a giant hive and also a bee sting and it worked immediately. Miraculous!
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Replied by Art from California on 05/23/2022


The oral borax is a very simple, very easy and very inexpensive way. It is an easy therapy to maintain and follow and it comes with other health benefits instead of potential negative side effects.

Not everyone can tolerate borax, so the idea that you are tolerating it and getting benefit is very fortunate for you! Enjoy it and enjoy keeping it simple!


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Replied by Renee from Boston on 05/25/2022

I took 3 days off from internal Borax like you said and by day 4, today, I had a little more inflammation even though I took Borax today, hoping tomorrow is better.

Replied by Art from California on 05/26/2022


A friend of mine who had good effects using borax for arthritis used it everyday for the first two weeks and had good benefit. After the first two weeks he went down to 4 days a week and the benefit remained steady and improving. At completion of two weeks, he had noticeable improvement. I assume his intent was to use the first two weeks as a loading dose before going down to 4 days on + 3 days off.

The fact that you noticed a loss of improvement upon stopping borax, lets you know that "it" is helping you. I think it wouldn't hurt to make note of every single arthritic symptom you have experienced since getting arthritis and then review that list at one months use of borax as a basis for comparison.

Renee, it is worth noting when going back through Ted's posts on using borax for arthritis, I see that he changed his dosing schedule over time. In his posts he suggested using the dose 2 to 4 times per week. In one post on borax and arthritis, his recommended dose was 5 days a week on and 2 days a week off. Here is a copy of three posts by Ted discussing dosing of borax for arthritis that illustrate this dosing change :

Replied by?Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
383 posts

Dear Lori: It has been known for ages that arthritis is a rare occurence whenever boron is found present in drinking water. Israel for example has below 1% having arthritis due to high boron in drinking water. Most drinking water with high boron, are the form of sodium tetraborate, which is borax. For more detailed discussion about boron and arthritis:

What is so strange is boron and fluoride are a somewhat opposing force. For example, if you take boron fluoride is removed from the body. Actually fluoride stunts growth in plants, animals the same way as does aluminum. If I were a farmer the biggest enemies are to livestock and plants are fluoride and aluminum. I tend to believe the cause of most arthritis to be one of microorganisms found along the joints. Those bacteria are of mycoplasma (from frequent vaccinations, since they are high in it), mycobacterium, and staphylococcus. Each of these tend to form colonies around the cartilage, before they ever get worse. The factor that helps their growth are high free metal iron, lack of boron, high sugar, high calcium which protects the colonies. Staphylococcus is a unique bacteria that digests your cartilage, something they call proteoglycan and once the cartilage or out the other bacteria does the other work in digesting the along the joints rich in calcium, iron, and lack of circulation, being to their advantage as they are anaerobic creatures. The only way to reverse the condition depends on the inital condition of the arthritis, if it is just joint pain in the beginning like mine, it will take me a couple of days. For you it could take a lot longer for the healing. The method of treatment is to kill off these microorganism and it won't be easy since it is to an advanced stage due to traumatic arthritis. However, an average dose I think are appropriate are 25 mg of borax in drinking water, or I can just do it another way around with 1/8 - 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter of drinking water that is drank in divided dose throughout the day. I would drink it either twice a week or once a week. What borax does is it kills the mycobacterium, mycoplasma and some of the staph. The frequency of dose, mentioned here is conservative and it taken at least once or twice a week. In event there's no side effect if I take it to be observed, I would try to take it more often maybe up to 3 or 4 times a week maximum. Staphyloccocus weaknesses is of magnesium citate or magnesium gluconate 250/mg day. If the body has plentiful supplies of magnesium staph growth along the joint is limited. Taking this at 5 days out of a week should be sufficient and some vitamin C sodium ascorbate 250 mg at least about 5 days out of a week should also help.

I have always had problems getting rid of the free metal iron that exists along the joints feeding the microbial growth, in which case, chlorella capsules taken once a day maybe helpful. Green tea, unsugared or any tea that are not of black color would be high in tannins. Tannins have an affinity of pulling out some iron out of the body. Once the iron is lowered, the microbial growth is limited. In case if you want to look at other minerals, gettin some hair mineral analysis, and have a look especially on the Molybdenum, Cobalt, Iron, Silver, Iodine, Magnesium, boron and some others. Those are the suspect minerals that seem to encourage or discourage microbial growth. For example, silver or colloidal silver, taken everyday, one tablespoon twice a day for several months will encourage stem cells in the body, but the best thing of all is it seems to destroy the "slime" or biofilms along the joints. If those are destroyed, the microbes have no way of surviving and eating up your joints. Another example is molybdenum supplements should be taken, if you can find them! They discourage bacterium growth on the bones and it actually used to prevent cavities if added in toothpaste. Molybdenum is far safer than fluoride as it is an essential mineral as well, helping the remineralization of the bones and teeth, being one of them. The usual dose I think is between 5-10 mg per day, if you can find them!

It is important also to at least take 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid, in 1/2 glass of water, or 8 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lime plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day to keep the body in an alkaline mode. The reason is bacteria and their biofilms tend to exists in the medium of pH below 6. So if the body's urinary pH is raised to (by increasing baking soda dose) to about 7, then the growth will be limited, and this encourages healing of your joint. Certain proteins taken befor sleep may encourage some growth hormone by taking secretagogues, such as 1/2 tablespoon of glycine and 1/2 tablespoon of glutamine, before bedtime. This might help some regeneration. Once the microbes are destroyed, and you still need to take supplements to disourage their growth, still, taking certain supplements to encourage regeneration is possible with aloe vera oil, or aloe vera supplements. Comfrey poultice applied along the joints may help as allantoin content is known to encourage bone repair in people with broken bones, so joint healing may also be possible. I however prefer to take allantoin as a supplements maybe 10-50 mg/day might help too, with some aloe vera. As for me, my arthritis issue is never a serious one, just taking some borax 1/4 teaspoon for 1-2 days and on the third day and the rest of the week, its gone. That's because I know what is causing my problems. But with severe forms, it may take several months, to almost a year to actually heal what has happened. I don't believe so much in using metal joint replacement. It has been my observation that friends of my relatives who did joint replacement further cause the ones to be broken. Apparently the found that once the plug the joints, the mycobacterium ate away at the screws of the joints which attaches to the bone. When this happens, the joints no longer hold and it osteoporosis eats the entire bone where there is no furhter place in which the metal can support the bones, since there is no more bones to support it. It is a sort of Catch-22. The real issue, I believe is not the wear an tear. Its been known for ages that microbes eat away on your bones, but is ignored by mainstream medicine, at least, that's my opinion only. If the body still have regenerative capacity, your body can heal, and colloidal silver according to Dr. Robert Becker, has the ability to cause cells to be dedifferentiation - which is another word for stem cells. ' <<<

And then this post :

Replied by?Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
383 posts

Hand arthritis is the condition of the mycoplasma and the mycobacterium and they exists because it eats the bones causing lumps of the bones around the end. The mycobacterium protects themselves against the effect of antibiotics and other things by creating a calcium shells to survive. The second kind of bacterium that caused the fusing of joints such that the fingers can no longer move, is due to a staphylococcus like bacteria that eats up the cartilage between the joints. Mycobacterium have their weakness of a tiny amount of borax and staphyloccocus have their weakness of magnesium. Borax I took maybe 2-3 times a week at 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon in a liter of drinking water. The staphyloccus like bacteria (cartilage eating kind) have a weakness for magnesium. So 250 mg, is diluted in a glass of water and drink that usually 5 days out of a week. The removal of iron, which disodium EDTA can be taken in fairly diluted solution (mixed with plenty of water), as this is how the body actually absorbed it. Green tea contains tannins and tannic acid, which chelates directly the free metal iron directly responsible for feeding both mycobacterium and the staphyloccocus like bacteria around the joint and should remove the food source. The most important remedy, whether you use the apple cider vinegar with baking soda, or the lemon with baking soda, is actually the baking soda. But when mixed with the others, allows for the body to attain better alkalization. This is the major parts of the arthritis remedy that was tested to work the best. Other supporting remedies include vitamin D3, and vitamin K2, and soy milk (manganese). They all help and you can feel the difference the next day. There are others, and I am looking into them I write. This remedy works better than anything I have seen, after lots of trial and error of course. It must be remembered that urine pH achieves 7.0 otherwise the bacteria will persist in the body. Preferably an electronic pH meters is best, otherwise, most pH papers are way off even the best quality ones and it is a real waste of time - it wasted me one whole year (actually more, like 1.5) of misdirected effort. ' <<<

And also?this post :

>>> '

Replied by?Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
383 posts

Rick: The reason why ibuprofen (or ibuprophen) works is that it is antifungal. Much of the arthritis and foot pain from bones is the mycobacterium, and other fungus like bacterium. Therefore I would take a 1/4 teaspoon (men's dose) borax for about 5 days out of a week, with some 10 drops of 3% H2O2 in one liter of drinking water. I would also take plenty of magnesium supplements such as magnesium citrate 250-500 mg/day for 5 days out of a week. I may also consider taking vitamin B complex, at least a B50 kind (50 mg of most B's) for two days out of a week. Alkalization is important also necessary to kill these fungus causing arthritis and a good remedy may be 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water twice a day, or perhaps a 2 tablespoon lime juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water (at least) taken twice a day. Other supplements I may consider is 20, 000 I.u. of vitamin D3 and 100 mcg of vitamin K2 or K3. Soy milk is quite helpful for arthritis, perhaps from the vitamin K and the manganese, in which it is high in. A soy milk should be UNSUGARED and taken about 250 cc, twice a day, which is more like a glass of it twice a day. ' <<<

Continued success to you!


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Replied by Renee from Boston on 06/08/2022

This is hard for me since my mother had SEVERE osteoporosis and I was diagnosed with osteopenia several years ago: "The factor that helps their growth are high free metal iron, lack of boron, high sugar, high calcium which protects the colonies." I NEED to take calcium. Do you have any advice?
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Replied by Renee from Boston on 06/08/2022


I decided to go with the 2 straight weeks approach. So far I only had to take 5mg prednisone 2 times in 2 weeks, once for the chronic hives I get and one time for inflammation in my arthritis. Other than that I feel relatively great considering I take no medication or NSAIDS. I still have a little inflammation in my elbow, my wrist and a few fingers but it's not painful, just visibly noticeable. Today and tomorrow I will take 2 days off and try the 5 days on approach since I seem to tolerate the borax so well. I don't have any ill side effects from it at all. I have a bottle of hydroxychloroquine sitting on my desk waiting for me to begin taking it. As long as the borax continues to help me I will not take that medication but I'm glad I have it as a backup in case I stop having success with home remedies. That and my few prednisone are sort of my emergency stash that just gives me comfort knowing I have it. I still haven't made an eye appointment that is required to take the HC because I have faith that I will not need it. Some people I tell what I am doing think I'm out of my mind but others keep their mouths shut because they know I research practically everything and that I hate big Pharma and most doctors. I constantly make fun of every commercial pushing drugs that cause worse conditions than what you have. The only reason I accepted the HC is because I felt that would be the safest of all of the RA drugs if I had no other choice. Another Update on DMSO: I have been putting it on specific areas every night for about 2 weeks. I don't know if it's helping or not but will continue to use it until it's gone, then I will re-evaluate. Another update on taking a bath with Borax, Epsom salts and Baking Soda: My skin got extremely DRY. I tend to overdo things and I took this bath 3 nights in a row. My skin got real flakey! On the upside, the jets in my tub got real clean, lol. I stopped this bath because I don't think it helped any more than just a bath with Epsom salts. My skin is much happier.

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Replied by Art from California on 06/08/2022


I'm glad your arthritis is continuing to improve with your regular use of borax! Clearly your pain levels have declined significantly! It is the simplest, least expensive and easy to take remedy for different types of arthritis. I am also glad that you are one of the lucky ones who can tolerate borax!

Your results seem similar to mine where I just got steady improvement until all symptoms were just gone.

How long have you been on the 1/8th teaspoon dose?

Three to four months is supposedly when you have reached the maximum improvement that borax seems to offer.


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Replied by Renee from Boston on 06/09/2022

I started with just a pinch a day on May 10th but got nervous and bought Boron supplements. Started 6mg Born supplements on May 15th. When that didn't help I went to 1/8th Borax on May 18th, 4 days on 3 days off. After reading about your friend who took it 2 straight weeks I started that on May 25th to yesterday, June 8th. So even though I started May 10th it wasn't a consistent amount. Today I'm feeling a lot of inflammation in my hand for some reason. The only thing I did different was eat some ice cream the other night. I wonder if that contributed. The other thing is I find it easier to measure 1/8th and put half in my coffee in the AM and the other half later in the day. Is there a reason it's supposed to be sipped thruout the day? Is it more effective that way or less side effects for some?

Replied by Art from California on 06/09/2022


We don't know the reason for sipping it through the day because I don't think Ted ever explained it, but I think one reason is because it is essentially a slow controlled release so you maintain a more steady level in your system throughout the day. Another possible reason is because some people who might not be able to tolerate the full daily dose all at once, may be able to tolerate a full dose dispersed throughout the day. So spreading the dose may make it more tolerable for more people and potentially decrease the potential for a negative reaction..

Although I started that way, once I got to pain free, I would drink it faster and now I just drop my 1/4 teaspoon full in my mouth and wash it down with orange juice and it is still working.

As you can see from Ted's posts, he kept increasing the dose until he got to 5 days on and 2 days off.

I tried different doses of boron based supplements and 6 mg had zero effect for me, but boron is a potential option for those who do not tolerate borax.

I just keep it simple at a 1/4 teaspoon of borax and that is easiest for me to do.


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Replied by Gary from Kitchener On on 06/09/2022

Hi Renee,

I found that the best salt is Celtic Sea Salt.

It is cleaned and has 3 different Magnesiums, where the Pink Salt is dug by hand and never cleaned.

good job, love this site


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Replied by Bill from Philippines on 06/09/2022

Hi Renee...The reason the borax solution is always sipped throughout the day is because the human body is also constantly excreting the borax at the same time. So, by constantly sipping the one liter borax solution every day, you will maintain a constant and necessary amount of borax spread evenly in your body throughout the day, which therefore helps to maintain the proper concentration of borax in the blood that will act continuously to kill the active nano bacteria(ie mycobacteria and mycoplasma) that are causing your osteoarthritis problem.

And the reason you must take the borax solution every day on a 4-day-on and 3-day-off basis is because supplementing borax always causes increased gland secretions in the human body. In particular, it will stimulate and increase the sex hormones in the body, which is not a bad thing in itself but might, in the end, have the effect of straining those glands due to increased or excessive hormone production. And that's why you should always take the borax solution on a 4-day-on/3-day-off basis.

Just to also let you know that there is no reason to fear taking borax. The MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet, which is the Bible for chemical safety and toxicity) for borax shows that borax actually has the same or similar toxicity profile as common table salt.

I'm also a 72 y. o. guy and I've been taking borax on a daily basis for about 15 years. I now just take a couple or three pinches of borax a day in my drinking water or coffee or whatever. I completely trust my usage of borax and I've never ever had a problem with my borax usage. I've been using borax as a successful preventative against arthritis but I also use it to prevent fungal infections as well -- borax is the ultimate anti-fungal! Borax is also useful to help detox and remove fluorine from my body.

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Replied by jake from chicago from chicago on 06/10/2022

I took a pinch of borax in my drinking water before bed last night and had a stretch of 4 and a 1/2 hoursof deep sleep before waking, which is about double of my normal. Question - you say to keep boron in your system throughout the day, but you also say you just put a pinch or 2 or 3 in your coffee and drink just once a day. Could you clarify whether you do the pinch once per day or more often throughout the day. Thanks much!
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Replied by Robert S. from USA on 06/22/2022

Yes, the idea is to get a constant amount in the bloodstream to get it into the cells consistently instead of ups & downs. If you know the half life of borax in the body, you can adjust it more precisely.
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Replied by Renee from Boston on 06/23/2022

I am measuring out 1/8 and adding small amounts from the measuring spoon to my coffee throughout the day. I drink a lot of coffee, lol. It works for me and I'm still drug free. I had to use 5mg of prednisone a few times until the Borax kicked in. I'm still not at the max timeframe for results yet. I still have 2 swollen fingers but I can use them, they're not painful and swelling is somewhat reduced, my elbow is not completely straight yet but that does not hurt either and is much straighter than before. My sciatica seems to have almost completely disappeared. I'm extremely grateful to find out about this miracle. Thank you everyone.
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Replied by Bodulica from Barrie, Canada on 06/23/2022

What form of borax do you use? No one is explaining it. The one used in laundry?


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Replied by Art from California on 06/23/2022


I'm very glad that the borax is working well for you to reverse your arthritis!

The arthritis damages joints and once the borax stops the damage process, the body can then start to repair some of the joint damage which can take time, whereas before the joint damage was occurring faster than the body could repair the damage. Continued success to you! You are now using a very simple, very inexpensive method to keep your arthritis in remission indefinitely. The cost of using borax for arthritis is less than a dollar per year and it doesn't get any simpler than an 1/8th teaspoon of borax for 4 or 5 days of the week!


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Replied by Renee from Boston on 06/23/2022

I'm using the one recommended on this site by others.

20 mule team borax

I bought boron supplements just in case, 3mg on Amazon, but I'm sticking with the laundry soap because it works.

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Replied by Gail from Ohio on 06/28/2022

Is it ok to continue heating the mixture each day to dissolve the borax? The jar I use cools off over night.

Replied by Renee from Boston on 06/29/2022

I don't heat mine to dissolve it because I'm putting mine in coffee. I only put it in cold water one time and I believe it dissolved ok. It was such a tiny amount and I had lemon in it so it was hard to see in a colored plastic pool cup. I heated it to dissolve it in large amounts to use topical but have since stopped using it topically because I didn't see any added benefits after 2 or 3 weeks of use. I may try it again at some point. I also did a bath with it and baking soda, my skin dried to a crisp. I may have overdone it though, 3 nights in a row! It cleaned my bathtub jets though!
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Replied by LakeLady from Massachusetts on 07/02/2022

So interesting! I might try it. How can you be sure it's the Borax doing the trick, not the DMSO? (I have used DMSO occasionally).

I also wonder if Borax would help for muscle tension (my back pain is a combination of muscle tension and chronic soreness from a burst fracture of L-1 12 years ago). Not sure if I technically have arthritis.


Replied by Renee from Boston on 07/05/2022

I quit using the DMSO because I didn't think it was doing anything. I only used it externally. I might go back to it and try again because on my 'off' days of borax my inflammation comes back! I only know it works for arthritis, not sure about other ailments.
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Replied by Art from California on 07/05/2022


Thank you for the update!

If your symptoms go away during your on days, you might try adding a day of borax to your regimen. At least until you get better control of the arthritis. I can tell by what you have been writing in your posts that you are steadily increasing your control of the arthritis and your remaining symptoms are lessening as time goes by. Once you get good control you should not need DMSO at all and may be able to subtract the extra day of borax. Remember, Dr. Newnham said up to 3 to 4 months of borax before you will be seeing the maximum benefit that borax has to offer you. Keep it simple to make it easier to follow Ted's remedy.


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Replied by LakeLady from Boston on 07/06/2022

Thanks for your reply Renee!