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Dose for Nebulizing DMSO for COPD

Cheree (Charleston,sc) on 09/13/2014

Looking to purchase liquid dsmo to use in my nebulizer as recommend by Ted on this site. I've tried the hydrogen peroxide and I want to know the dose for an nebulizer treatment using the dsmo. I read his findings on this being a solvent and safe to use. I have asthma, and copd. Trying to reverse some damage if any. Plz help Ted.


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Replied by Robert Henry from St George Isl., Fl. on 09/13/2014


I am not an expert, but a nebulizer will get almost anything into your blood system via your lungs. I do H2O2, Colloidal Silver, and Glutathione with a nebulizer. I use DMSO but not with a nebulizer. I have no experience, but would start out at a low concentration and build up. I'm sure there are folks on this site that can give you the straight skinny.

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Replied by Sheila from Maryland on 08/10/2022

Robert, I have been nebulizing DMSO for 6 months now. My pulse ox was 91% on 2lpm of oxygen when I started this treatment. Tonight my pulse ox is 99% on room air, I feel like I can breathe all the way down to my toes. my energy level has improved greatly, and I use equal amounts DMSO, normal saline I made in my pressure canner from kosher salt and distilled water.

Unexpected results are my eyestrain has gone, along with the 3 floaters in my right eye, my hair and nails are growing like a weed, and my skin is softer and smoother. I am 64 years old.

You cannot overdose on DMSO, so start off with a low concentration, use as often as you want, and nebulize as needed.

I use low odor pharmaceutical grade DMSO by the gallon(I Share), and I buy it from Amazon.

Check out the DMSO store for other possible mixtures of DMSO.