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Andrea (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) on 04/23/2007
5 out of 5 stars

This site is wonderful and I'm grateful for you all guys who help keep it alive. We should spread the word about how we can cure a lot of ailments with simple methods. The pharmaceutical industry is all about money and are not always for real help or real health!!

After doing some research on the internet I decided to try grapefruit seed extract. I read that it can do many wonders and I was eager to try it after reading all those "wonders". I'm surprised that this website doesn't mention this natural remedy yet. You can google it and read a lot of good things about it!

For many years whenever I washed my teeth I had bleeding gums and one of my front teeth was very sensitive because of the receding gums. Also I noticed that some of my teeth started to become loose! I'm only 36 years old and want my teeth to last a lifetime. For 3 months now I put just one drop of grapefruit seed extract on the toothpaste before brushing me teeth and believe me or not from the very first brush of this kind I have absolutely no bleeding of the gums at all! What's more, my gums look and feel healthy, no sensitive tooth and no moving tooth either! On top of this, in the morning when I get up my breath still feels fresh because of that one drop of grapefruit seed extract that I put on my toothpaste the previous evening.

I have tried many uses of this wonder product and have had very good results. Namely, my 4-year old boy came home from nursery with itchy and red toes, scaling skin between the toes. I guess it was a fungus infection. They often play around barefeet and therefore prone to infections between the toes. I put one drop of grapefruit seed extract into a bit of the usual nappy cream that I've been using for my two young children - and mixed it well. Then applied the cream generously between and around all his toes. The itchiness immediately subsided and the skin gradually healed and did not cause any complaints after that. I used the cream mixed with the grapefruit seed extract once a day, in the evening, after bath, for 4 days. My son's friend who goes to the same nursery had similar complaints and they had several visits to the doctor and had some expensive creams prescribed to cure his ailment. It was a fungus according to the doctor.

And that reminds me, I had nail fungus a year ago when I didn't know about grapefruit seed extract. My big toe was yellow and it even had a bit of black "line" in it. It did not cause concern only aesthetically but I knew it could get worse. I soaked my feet in water mixed with white vinegar for several days. I noticed that when my toe was growing it was of the healthy pinkish colour, and gradually the yellow colour and the black spot was gone. It took several months though as nail on the toe grow very slowly. I still soak my feet in vinegar water after using a public pool as a preventive measure.

I heard that grapefruit seed extract can equally well cure fungus of the toes. Also, some people recommend it to use it for headlice. Headlice can occur in schools and kids bring it home. Its cure is expensive and the shampoo applied to kill the lice is very toxic. Just one drop of grapefruit seed extract in the usual shampoo and voila - headlice gone. This is not my own experience though but I think it is worth a try!

Cheers from Andrea, - a Hungarian woman currently living in the Gulf

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Replied by Henry from Leominster, Ma on 10/28/2011

A coworker told me about GSE and I went to the closest Health store and brought a bottle. 1 drop to my to the tooth, the pain was gone but my throat felt like I had a cold coming on, with running nose but my nostrils clears after 1 hour.

When I got home I followed the direction on the bottle, 3 drops with some water, my pain was gone but I had a burning tip tongue all night and could not sleep. I spent all night googling the cure for burning tongue, I tried rinsing my tongue over and over and over and tried the ice and everything but my tongue is still hurting. It's not swollen but it hurts. What can I do?


Replied by P from Middle, Fl on 10/28/2011

Awhh! For future reference keep pure aloe juice in the house because it works on burns very well. For me it's a kitchen essential being that I'm always burning myself. Also good for stomach problems, colds and toner for skin! =]

As far as the grapefruit seed extract, try the pills and they are effective. Keep the liquid for topical use if need be!

I have purchase them from puritan pride and the vitamin shopp. 125mg is about 12-15 drops worth of the liquid.

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Replied by Denise from Columbia, Tn on 11/04/2011

For lice, if you put a couple of drops of tea tree oil in your shampoo, it will prevent head lice. My oldest daughter used to get lice 2-3 times a year and my stylist told me about tea tree oil and since I have put it in our shampoo, we have not seen a case of it in years. I no longer worry about my kids!

Replied by Cindy from Central, Illinois on 04/24/2012

I use to brush with GSE straight, on a wet toothbrush, until I was informed that it is very acidic and should not be used straight on the teeth. I was having a bit of a toothache with jaw pain just a few minutes ago and tried it with the toothpaste, as Andrea does, and it worked instantly, plus my mouth doesn't burn at all.

Andrea, thanks for posting!

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Replied by Dave from Ontario, Canada on 01/28/2014

THE FIRST THING ABOUT GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT "GSE" you should know is yes, it is very acidic, so it should be diluted when taking it orally,

I have been using GSE for around 9 years now and was introduced to it by my friend when I was working on cruise ships. there was a flu bug of some kind going around or a parasite, and every time I ate I felt ill for about 2-3 hrs and felt generally unwell, after a few days of doctors remedies doing nothing I decided to give it a try, I took 15 drops 2x a day mixed in juice or water, (eventually I learned how to hold some water in my mouth and drip the GSE in the water and swallow quickly).... after about 3 days the symptoms subsided but I stayed on this regimen for 2 weeks, about a month later the other crew members were still suffering with those symptoms but mine never returned.

I also use it for keeping colds and stomach bugs at bay, like I said when you feel the symptoms start taking it right away, I am a big guy 225lbs at 6'2" so I usually ingest 20 drops 2x a day when I start to feel ill. Of course I will still get colds sometimes it works and I don't (it's not magic) ... but I do notice I am better much quicker than everyone else.

As for the mouth .. yes no more than 1-3 drops MAX on a toothbrush mixed with your toothpaste, 3 drops is the extreme and a lot of toothpaste is necessary, DO not overbrush it won't help.... rinse well after... Enjoy GSE try it for many things and be careful... I am NOT a doctor these are just personal experiences I am sharing, do your research and consult Naturopaths if neccessary... and see a GP if you have serious conditions.... Thank you, Dave

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Replied by Pavla from Toronto on 03/30/2016

Which GPS is the most natural, organic on the global market if you know, love to know the company name. Would europe have the best? as the regulations are very strict? Just a thought.

love light energy pavla


Replied by Marianne from Virginia on 07/04/2020

For Pavla - I buy my GSE from Amazon - both tablets and liquid. The brand is Nutribiotic, and we use the 250mg tablets, one twice a day for most minor ailments. The liquid is trickier since you have to ensure that it contains Citricidal to be useful - only the Nutribiotic Maximum liquid contains Citricidal. I use the liquid to stop oncoming sinus infections.

What I do is: 1 drop GSE in 2 fluid ounces of distilled water (I boil water for 5 minutes, then pour into a mason jar, cover and let cool before screwing the lid on).

Use one full eye dropper of the mixed solution per nostril. Do this over the sink - Tilt your head back and release half the solution from the dropper into your right nostril and the rest in your left. Swing your head forward and down (head is now upside down) to force solution up into nasal passages. Return head to the normal upright position and allow nasal passages to drain.

Do not inhale through the nose during this process. Don't forget to always, always dilute!!!

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Replied by Pam from Southern California on 06/28/2022

Citricidal = 60% grapefruit seed extract and 40% vegetable glycerin. The above is what is stated in Nutribiotic, Maximum GSE Liquid Concentrate 'Citricidal' is a certain strength of GSE (60%), mixed with 40% glycerin. That's what it clearly indicates in the Description of it, on the company website: Https://

ON THE OTHER HAND ... NutriBiotic Vegan Grapefruit Seed Extract Liquid Concentrate contains a lesser percentage of GSE: Grapefruit Seed Extract 33%. -and- vegetable glycerine (67%). Https://

BOTH products DO contain Grapefruit Seed Extract! One is stronger than the other. The lesser strength is what I purchase to use with small children & small animals, because they are to receive no more than one drop of it per serving ... and if I were to use the stronger strength, I would have to divide a drop of it each time I want to use it for them!