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Pet's Heartworm Medication

Posted By Lisa (Lilburn, GA) on 01/21/2009

"Side Effects to Pet's Medication: The day after giving my 43 lb Shepherd mix her Heartguard heartworm medication containing ivermectin, her face and upper lip swelled up. She looked as if she had been stung by a bee, but it's Winter here and she had no sign of insect bites. There are no other possible explanations. The vet thoroughly checked her out and couldn't find the source of the problem. He did not suggest an allergic reaction to Ivermectin. However, after researching the drug I found out that facial swelling can be a side effect. Benadryl has helped a little, and we placed her on antibiotics just in case there is a local infection."

Posted By Teresa (Mccomb, Mississippi) on 01/29/2009

"I have 11 beautiful dogs. Needless to say I am an animal lover and live well below poverty level, but I try very hard to take care of my dogs. I have been giving my dogs ad diluted mixture of Ivermectin for years for all worms, including heart worms.
The mixture was given to me from a kennel in Louisiana. BEWARE, Ivermectin is very strong in small doses and is very hard to give to a small dog, but at this time my dogs are doing well on it and it IS NOT recommended for COLLIE BREEDS.

FOR ANOTHER NOTE.... my full blooded Siberian Husky had a toxic reaction to it as well. She started walking like she was drunk and weak, had shallow breathing and at one point she quit breathing. I researched and found that this was a definite side effect from Ivermectin. I took her off it immediately and put her back on a monthly pill from the vet. The pill still has Ivermectin, it says so on the packet, but the dosage is so miniscule compared to my personal mixture. I do believe however in my personal opinion only, that her hyperactivity had some cause in her having a reaction. My other 10 dogs are doing well and haven't had any side effects and none have never tested positive for worms of any kind."

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Posted By Karen (Idaho Falls, Id) on 10/25/2010

"My sister-in-law raises show shelties and has done so for at least 20 years. She informed me that it is a known fact that shepherd breed dogs are highly allergic to ivermectin- it should NEVER be prescribed for herding dogs as it is known to be fatal to them. That vet should never have given it to a shepherd mix."

Posted By Itsytexan (Houston, Tx) on 04/29/2011

"The rule is "White Feet Don't Treat", which I have recently learned the hard way. My vet gave my dog heartworm preventative with Ivermectin in it and she almost died. I have since learned that some dogs, often the ones with tan or brown bodies and white feet (hence the rule) have a gene mutation that makes then sensitive to Ivermectin. It basically goes straight to their brain. It's ugly. The vet never should have given this dog, that was a stray with 4 white paws and looks like an aussie/lab mix (aussies, collies, and a few other breeds are more likely to have the sensitivity). And when she saw that my dog could barely walk, she should have known what was happening. Please spread the word about this."
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Posted By Cheryl (Fort Worth, Texas) on 08/28/2011

"I have used Iverectin for over 20 years from Mastiffs to Mini Schnauzers, Am Staffs, Jack Russels.. One of my Am Staffs is solid white and she has done great on it, I have never had a problem with it at all, but I was warned years ago, NEVER give to them while they are hot.. So I dose mine early morning.. That may be part of the problem with some of the effects some have seen using it."

Posted By Cinmorin (Edmundston, Nb, Canada) on 02/12/2012

"We gave my Aussie 105mg of pyrantel (which seems to contains Ivermectin) two weeks ago and she had two seizures in the next 8 days. We were devasted and didn't know what to think. I asked 3 vets about it and only one seemed to believe it may not necessarily be epilepsy... She has been seizure free for 4 days now, but I'm still anxious about it... Is there something we can do or a mediation that could help her recover? I'm scared it could worsen..."

Posted By Jilbert57 (Brinnon, Wa, Usa) on 03/03/2012

"I have a 5 year old aussie/heeler who I give Interceptor to monthly for heartworm prevention. I was told by two different vets not to use a medicine with Ivermectin in it as the herding breeds are subject to seizures from it."

Posted By kristina poole (bourbonnais) on 07/24/2021

"My dog got very sick, diarrhea, staring /spacing out, lethargic, and quit walking after a 12-month heart guard shot. She is a shitzu mix. Is she going to get better or worse? She received the shot 3.5 weeks ago."

Posted By Kerri (Fl) on 07/24/2021

"if nothing else start charcoal powder in the dog's water immediately!"
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