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Colloidal Silver for Ear Mites

Posted By Leah (TX) on 04/12/2024

"I have recently discovered that colloidal silver works with ear mites, fungal infections, parasites, and many other issues that come with cat care. You can mix it with water and mist the ears for a cleaning solution or you can put it directly into the ear. I had a cat that had ear mites very badly. They smelled and looked like coffee grounds. She was suffering. I used olive oil to suffocate the ear mites treating each ear twice a day. Now my cat was not at all cooperative but I invented a type of papoose board that I have to use when doing this. Yes, sounds traumatizing but what is worse the constant ear mite and infections or a couple minutes swaddled? After 3 days I started using the colloidal silver. I mixed 2 drops into 1 tsp. Of distilled water and put it in the ears. She was cleared up in 3 days. No coffee grounds or foul odor. I now give the colloidal silver to all my animals. 20 cats and 6 dogs and not one has suffered from any ear mites, infections, or skin issues and it’s been 3 years!"