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Iodine + DMSO for Dog's Cyst?

Posted By judith (USA) on 04/03/2024

"Can I use providone iodine with DMSO on dog cyst or Lugol's iodine 5%? He had surgery to drain a cyst in same place last July - it was over $2k! So I am VERY interested in healing this at home. I tried turmeric and coconut oil and didn't see any results. I only used it internally as he is on all the furniture and rugs... ;) Right now I've been using DMSO and colloidal silver but though it has a surface opening, it's not draining. Any suggestions are appreciated :) Blessings everyone!"

Posted By Katzie (Cancun, Mexico ) on 04/10/2024

"Diamotaceous Earth (aka fossil flour), is literally dirt cheap. Sprinkle some over the area! Another poster in a D.E. thread here mentioned to not use a metal spoon when handling D.E. as that would negate the charge. I can attest it sure feels that way when I rub D.E. on an infection of mine, ie tiny electrical discharges). When I found Dog#2, both shoulder blades had massive infection with large pus pockets. He was in agony. I could see small slits on each blade so I knew the D.E. would have them draining in 15-20 minutes, and I was right. I was able to sprinkle some D.E. on him and it was so light it didnt cause him additional pain. 20 mins later I could smell the pus just leaking down from the wounds. The dog was out of agony for about the cost of about 25cents. I haven't found that post again yet to thank that guy, but D.E. has saved me and my rescues from many different infections, sores & bites, burns, and alot of pain! D.E. contains silica, which is something our skin has/needs, but not for too many days in a row, as it can be drying to the skin. I only use it in the initial healing phase. Our bodies do heal themselves very well, if infection is kept out of the way. After infection is no longer a concern, you want to moisturize the area to aid in cellular turnover, which speeds healing."