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Turmeric for Cyst on Dog

Posted By Myra (California Missouri) on 03/20/2024

"My 14 yr old Sheperd mix

had a cyst on right shoulder for yrs the size of a softball and this past Friday he as coming in from outside and something happened he yelped real loud and then he could barely walk. Next day he was still rating and drinking and going to potty as best as he could so I got on here and started looking and reading.I had used termuris for boils before and it worked so I thought why not, starting putting in his food(1 tsp) 2xday then 3rd day started 1/2 tsp, on 3rs day saw improvment well the 4th day that thing exploded blood and goob everywhere.He can walk alot better so now its healing time Thanks Earthclinic"