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Fenbendazole Dewormer for Cancer in Dog

Posted By Schnauzer's Mom (Los Angeles, CA) on 05/10/2022

"It took me a long time to write this review because cancer does kill and you cannot blame on something you tried. But I later read on earth clinic or the facebook group for this med that fenbendazole isn't recommended for dogs that have kidney issues. Schnauzers are prone to kidney problems.

I bought fenben (panacur brand, as recommended by J. Tippens) on 9/19. My dog was dead within a month, on 10/17. I know it has helped PEOPLE but on the facebook group ( for pets) pretty much all the pets are put to sleep after trying this dewormer. And there aren't only schnauzers posted there. I only read 1 story that a dog beat cancer after taking panacur.

I think this medication might help human beings beat cancer, but not pets. Mind you, I was also giving my dog essiac tea internally and cansema (black salve) externally.

Cansema worked fast on literally pulling the tumor out of his paw pad, but the tumor was so big that it would take a while to remove the whole tumor (it was wrapping around his paw, I wrote about it on my post about castor oil and turmeric).

I suspect fenbendazole affected him in a negative way, because how come he had been diagnosed in mid 2020 and he was still eating and walking and after starting on fenben, he lost his appetite and became too weak to go for walks or even poop? He was losing his balance and seem uninterested in everything, even when someone knocked on the door.

I think people should not give this to their pets to treat cancer because the pet cannot tell you if it is affecting them internally.

I wish I had not tried fenben because my dog was still interested in going for walks and walking himself to drink water and eat his food. But I am not angry at his death, he would have passed away eventually, even if it would have been 5 years later. I am glad he isn't in pain anymore. I don't have another dog now."

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Posted By RSW (OH) on 05/10/2022

"You sound like a wonderful pet owner for whom any pet would be a treasure. I am so sorry for your loss. My cat was diagnosed with Mast cell cancer on her ear earlier this year, and we had surgery to remove it. They can also get it in the colon and spleen, according to what I have read. The vet operated before she tested it, because she seldom sees this in cats, so she was conservative in her surgery. I have been worried about this and have thought of giving her Fenben, too. Thank you for posting your experience, and I will be considering CBD oil and food supplements from a company that makes this for cancer in pets, but I may not use Fenben now."
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Posted By Renee (Sandusky, Ohio) on 06/07/2022

"our 9 year old Yorkie was diagnosed with Plasmacytoma, degranulated mast cell tumor, B-Cell Lymphoma, discrete cell tumor. A mass was found on his leg and when they did an xray and ultrasound there is a 3cm tumor between his heart and lung. We have no idea where to start to see if there is anything we can do.

We were told he had 2 weeks to 2 months to live. Our hearts are broken."

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Posted By Schnauzer's Mom (Los Angeles, CA) on 06/14/2022

"Renee, did you try essiac tea? I wouldn't buy at the store, I would buy the authentic one, which can be purchased online. I would contact the makers of black salve - cansema, the real black salve - and ask if giving my dog a tiny bit of black salve internally would help. I gave my dog black salve internally, which was only a rice-size, and the 2 warts he had on his back dissolved.

A woman on the fenben's facebook group for pets mentioned that she used 7% lugol's iodine to heal melanoma on her husband's head. But that is the only report I ever read about it related to cancer."