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Cat Ear Infection

Posted By Stephanie (Long Valley, Nj) on 10/13/2021

"My cat has a fungal ear infection. He has black waxy debris, and the vet told me last year he has a fungal ear infection, but he was acting fine, and I didn't have the money for the medicine, so she cleaned his ears. Now his ears are hurting him, and he is miserable, uncomfortable, scratching his ears, tilting his head, sleeping a lot, and doesn't want me to pet his head. I can't go to the vet because I am severely immune compromised, so I am hoping someone can suggest what medicine, and natural treatment for inside the ear, and oral medicine. If I give him antibiotics would that help a fungal infection or do antibiotics cause more fungus? He is 12yrs old and weighs 11 lbs. Indoor cat."
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Posted By Jgny (Thousand Islands) on 10/14/2021

"There's an ear powder called fresh ears, its the only thing that has helped our golden retriever's ear problems. You can search online for the product. And the jar lasts forever! And it's an all natural product!"
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Posted By Rob (Kentucky) on 10/16/2021

"Povidone Iodine 10%. 2 drops used in the ears. Massage around the ear so it goes deep into the canal. This works on both humans and animals.

Hesperian Guidelines in Developing Countries are as follows:

Give antiseptic ear drops such as vinegar or povidone iodine (betadine).

For all ages: 2 drops in the ear, 2 times a day for 2 weeks, then give 2 drops in the ear, 1 time a day (before going to sleep), for several weeks or months til the issue is resolved."

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Posted By Tammy (South Carolina) on 11/02/2021

"I put Colloidal Silver and DMSO on the outside of my cats ears and on nape of neck."

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