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Cat Suffering Hair Loss Along Spine

Posted By valeri (fairfax, ca) on 10/07/2021

"i have a 10 year old cat who is suffering hair loss along her spine- so far I've tried calendula homeopathic cream, stop sting ointment, and vitamin d3---none of these have alleviated the problem- I will put fresh aloe on her today--- the other day I found 2 fleas- it may be an allergy- she is overgrooming- I rub her down with dilute chamomile tea once a week before grooming her and she seems to like that- I saw the suggestions of apple cider vinegar, aloe etc and wondering about dosages for a cat who is under 30 lbs. -- also - she will not eat raw food any longer- and only wants hard food or tuna-- she only ate raw from when she was a kitten- and always was extremely healthy- my son vaccinated her when he got her but she's never had one since---any advice you can give me would be great---- I am considering not offering her anything but raw and see if she will eat it again- again- any suggestions welcome- thank you"

Posted By Deirdre (Ct) on 10/07/2021

"Hi, I would try either raw or freeze dried raw food. One of my dogs had extreme fur loss and it was 100% related to the food I was giving him. Even cooked food didn't help. No home remedies helped him either other than colloidal silver and that only eased flaking skin, not the fur loss.

He didn't like the frozen raw food, so I started him on freeze dried (Small Batch). His fur started growing back within a week but it took a month or two to fully grow back in. No issues since then and it's been a year and a half. We had to change brands recently because he stopped eating it (I think they had a production issue), but I found another high quality freeze dried that he loves. So if one doesn't work, try another brand. I add a little bit of kibble to it for bulk which helps his digestion. Best of luck, let us know how it goes!"

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