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Essiac Tea Tip for Tumors in Pets

Posted By Jerry C (Sand Springs, Oklahoma) on 08/24/2021

"To receive all the benefits of Essiac tea, it must be left to steep 12 hours in a covered pot."
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Posted By Hannah m (Houston) on 01/09/2024


One of my dogs has a mammary tumor, she is 13 years old and dont want to put her through the removal surgery. I have read reviews on Essiac tea. I have switched her diet to protein and vegetables instead of the commercial food. My question to anyone is can I use the capsules or is it better to get the loose tea? If I use the capsules do I decoct it and boil it in water or can I just give her 2 capsules a day to her in chicken broth?

I would appreciate any help available."


Posted By Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 01/10/2024

"Dear Hannah,

It would definitely be preferable to decoct the herbs than have her take pills. The decoction will draw out the medicinal properties that her body is not likely to draw out on her own during the process of her digestion.

You could also try using castor oil topically on the tumor.

~Mama to Many~"

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Posted By Sherri (Seattle) on 01/11/2024

"Dear Hannah,

You can find all the answers to your questions at - they are the "experts" in Essiac Tea.

Their website provides clear instructions on how to give the tea to pets (e.g., syringe, in broth, etc...) and, how to brew the tea to maximize the therapeutic components.

Their tea includes all 8 herbs and does not omit sheep sorrel root (a very critical part of the tea) which other brands do not include.

As Mama to Many replied, brewed tea gives the best results.

Wishing your dog a speedy recovery."

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Posted By Hannah m (Spring, Tx) on 02/01/2024


Thank you so much for the sight. I will definitely order from them once I finished with the 2 batches I have still."


Posted By Michael (Colorado) on 04/01/2024

"I think the herbs you make a tea is the best choice. You can look into as they have the advanced formula and information on why their 8 herb formula is better then the 4 herb formula. Loads of testimonials on their web page. All the best"
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Posted By Hannah m (Spring, Tx) on 04/17/2024

"Hi all,

I have switched to the tea and give it to her 3 times a day with low sodium bone broth. I noticed that her tumor is growing and the size of the palm but also has another one growing. Her apetite is good but she loosing weight and that concerns me. I also give organic mushroom blends to build up her immune system. She gets that 2 a day. Any suggestions is appreciated. Thank you in advance."


Posted By Cate (Australia ) on 04/22/2024

  • Instead of bone broth, have your dog eat a whole raw chicken leg daily, (give 2 legs, for medium dog, 3 legs for large dog) which includes the meat, tendons, cartilage, ligaments & bone. Dogs will break it down within their stomach just like the bone broth but is even more beneficial to them as the raw meat contains enzymes to enhance absorption of nutrients.

In addition to the daily whole chicken leg/s, try the following daily diet which acts as a whole nutritious diet, a dewormer diet as well as a cancer fighting diet;


  • 2 beetroots grated, medium sized (do not buy canned or pre-packaged cooked in plastic, must buy fresh)
  • 2 Carrots medium/large sized grated
  • 4 Potatoes large (must remove peel as it contains solanine, also no green potato)
  • ¼ White Radish grated, (daikon radish) or 8 small red radishes (or amount in a buch) but not horseradish.
  • ¼ Cabbage chopped or shredded
  • 500g/1Ib Mince Meat Preservative free is best, eg. full fat beef or wild game such as deer
  • 125g/½lbs Green beans, fresh or frozen
  • 4 tbs Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil
  • 1 tsp Himalayan pink salt


1. Peel potatoes, beetroots, white radish (no need to peel small red radishes)

2. Boil green beans until fork tender (5-7 minutes). Remove beans, set aside, in same water boil chopped cabbage for 5-10 minutes with lid on. Discard water. With cruciferous vegetables, always boil them for at least 5 minutes and discard the water. Discarding the water removes the compounds that are harmful to the thyroid.

3. Cut & boil potatoes until cooked, remove & mash. In the same water add grated carrot, beetroot & meat, once cooked, combine all the ingredients together, leaving the radish raw. If it's all too chunky for your dog, place it in a food processor.

Allow your dog to eat as much until full. It freezes well. If your dog happens to not like this food, add a little more meat with a bit of fat.

Include daily;

  • Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) (must be ground up before giving to your dog as needed) (½ tsp for small dog, 1 tsp medium dog 2 tsp large dog)
  • Hemp seeds (must be ground up before giving to your dog) (½ tsp for small dog, 1 tsp medium dog 2 tsp large dog).

Note: once nuts or seeds are ground up its best they are used straight away otherwise they will begin to go rancid which can cause stomach issues eg. acid reflux, indigestion etc. So it's recommended you only grind up the amount that will be given that day.

Once a week give your dog some cooked wild caught salmon either from fresh or frozen

Do not include corn as it depletes B vitamins from the body.

Mushrooms especially dried, may contain extremely high amounts of selenium which can be toxic in high amounts. One of the signs of toxicity is weight loss.

  • Use Filtered water for drinking & cooking
  • Do not use any chemical sprays on or around your dog eg. flea sprays
  • Do not give your dog flea treatments, worm treatments either internally or externally.
  • Do not use detergents to clean your floors or dog bedding area, instead use vinegar. If cleaning carpet, use baking soda to deodorise then vacuum.
  • Do not use fragrances, air fresheners etc..
  • Do not cook with any sort of non-stick cookware. Use stainless steel instead.
  • Do not boil water in those plastic electric kettles
  • Do not use a microwave
  • Use fragrance free soaps

I wish you all the best....

Never give up!"

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Posted By Joan (Canada) on 04/22/2024

"My vet said dogs should NOT eat chicken leg bones.

Dogs cannot digest these bones, these bones are very sharp and can puncture the dog's stomach and intestines."

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Posted By Cate (Australia ) on 04/22/2024

"There is some grain of truth to what the vet claims, but perhaps it would relate to the amount of bones given, whether they were baked or boiled (& the amount of time they boiled for), the type of animal bones as well as the body part.

Bones are rich in minerals such as calcium, which is constipating. If bones (with the meat taken off), are given as food alone or with the littlest of food, it will most certainly cause an intestinal blockage.

Baked or boiled are toughest to digest. But if they have been boiled for many hours, they become crumbly. Raw bones are digested best and are more nutritious.

Of all the bones available, pork, beef, lamb, chicken- have the thinnest bone wall. They are the easiest for a dog to digest.

Bones are apart of their natural diet, in the wild they would consume them.

I have 2 dogs, one small & medium, 12 & 13 yrs old. They have been eating whole chicken legs (drumsticks) everyday all of their life! When they were puppies I would cut them into small bite size chunks to fit into their mouth. I would also give them chicken wings as they were smaller & easier to cut. Now I only have to cut the meat of the chicken leg into small chunks for my small dog, but when I get to the bone part, he is able to eat the rest himself. I only prefer to give my dogs the legs rather than the wings because they contain more meat but they are equally as good, if not better.

The bones from the chicken leg are properly digested because the bone portions present, in my dogs faeces, when pressed, appear as crumbed white powder.

My dogs are in the greatest of health. They have beautiful bright eyes, great teeth, they have good faecal form, & carry themselves with the same vitality as when they were 2 yrs old- & have yet to slow down! I attribute they're state of health to their diet.

You could give your dog chicken wings instead as the bones are thinner and smaller.

Rest assured that it is completely safe & beneficial for your dog to be eating chicken legs!

Give a dog a bone!"

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Posted By Katzie (Cancun, Mexico ) on 05/19/2024

"As to chicken bones, my 3lb chihuahua/dachshund mix ate all our chicken bones for 15 yrs, with no problems. My two rescues eat every single part of our whole chicken skeletons after I carve the meat off. They luv it. All extremely healthy with no negative effects, ever. Doing this daily for all these years, I do not listen to advice to not give dogs any bones. Also, cats love bones just as much!"