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Borax and Peroxide for Mange

Posted By Melissa Cruz (Parker Az ) on 09/16/2020

"Shih tzu caught sarcoptic mange from another family member's dog. Been using this for 1 week so far and keeping dog isolated. He doesn't have sores, not itching much at all. How long would you say to give until he's not contagious anymore? I feel bad keeping him apart but I don't want to go thru this again as we're all healing from scabies from it."
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Posted By Bob. (USA) on 02/16/2021

"I found this on YouTube from a person in a foreign country somewhere in Asia I think.

Just cover the dog in regular cooking oil - Vegetable oil - This is only temporary and external but the dogs do like to lick it.

What it does is starve the mites of oxygen so they die very rapidly, the person did show images of stray dogs improvement in just a few days that would rival any other treatment & is cheap, can be done anywhere cooking oil is available.

For the itching 2 methods. 100% Unrefined coconut oil, they use this on orangutans for itching as non toxic.

MMS just mix a very small dose, I use 3-6 drops in a quart spray bottle for my own dry itchy allergic to something skin and it takes care of it right away, in fact it`s the best thing I have used so far, it also speeds wound healing & cuts out the sting from minor cuts, scrapes. Ps. DMSO also speeds wound healing I have found this out on my own, so maybe try with any sores, cuts, but it night burn a little so dab with water if this occurs or mix with water then apply."

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Posted By Deborah (High point, nc) on 10/09/2022

"Just to be clear, you cannot catch scabies from a dog with mange. Research it and you will find this accurate. Thank you."
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Posted By Tess (Pennsylvania) on 11/13/2022

"Sorry - what's MMS?"

EC: MMS = Miracle Mineral Supplement

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Posted By Paula (South Texas) on 02/12/2023

"Deborah, High Point, NC, You absolutely can catch scabies from a dog, it is called sarcoptic mange in veterinary medicine. I have discovered that although it is claimed that demodex are host specific, my small dog and I shared demodex brevis. It is called an accidental host. They cannot feed or breed on her but they get all over her [driving her crazy, too] and when we go to bed, they crawl back on me. They can stay alive on her for several days. I am immunocompromised from RA and steroid treatments. I can no longer take biologics because they caused me to go into septic shock 3 times. [Rheumatologists forget to mention the fatal infections that pop up when on biologics] I barely survived each time which has given me a wtf? now attitude about the mites. I know for sure that Ted's Remedy works from working in veterinary medicine. I use lime sulfur dip for dogs after I use sulfur benz dog shampoo on myself. I have to treat myself and my environment constantly because the little bastards love immunocompromised people on cortocosteroids. Love to all!"
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Posted By Vee (Nj) on 10/28/2023

"Sarcoptic mange is highly contagious to pets and People, it is also extremely hard to cure and control. The borax formula is the best solution, but you have do it exactly as it says and don’t stop early because they WILL come right back. I would also suggest ivermectin in addition. Most vets refuse to acknowledge this condition because it is almost impossible to diagnose, trust me I’ve been through this. If anyone thinks it’s not contagious you need to research it completely! Demodectic mange is the one that is not contagious, there is a big difference between the two."
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Posted By scott (New York) on 11/29/2023

"Not true. I did get mange from the dog. Ask someone who knows, not "the internet" way too much false info."
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Posted By Katzie (Cancun, Mexico) on 12/04/2023

"Scott is right - you most certainly can! I did. I was wondering why my eyes would mysteriously water at night, enough to take tissues to bed. I put it down to makeup remover or something. This went on for a few days only. THEN, I noticed my eyes and the area around it looked old, really old!! (just like mange! ). It was shocking to age 20+ years overnight!!! So I did the borax/h.p. treatment on myself and it worked. I must not have washed my hands enough after treating or petting my dogs. Anyways, YES. YOU. CAN. catch mange from a dog! It was one of the weirdest things that ever happened to me."
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Posted By ryan (New York) on 03/27/2024

"Incorrect... Sarcoptic mites include many subtypes and all are zoonotic. You can in fact, not only catch it from your dog, but also give it to your dog, or any other pets you may have..."