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Aloe Vera Juice for Chronic Kidney Disease

Posted By Kim (Colorado Springs, Co) on 09/14/2020

"My 15-year-old cat was attacked by a mountain lion. And although his head wounds healed quickly and beautifully, his body, which had already had moderate arthritis in his legs and back, did not recover and continued to go dramatically downhill to the point where he was barely eating and drinking, losing massive amounts of weight, vomiting, constipated, all signs of renal failure, thyroid issues, etc. The vet thought the shock and physical trauma of the attack kicked other underlying issues in his body into high gear because he was exhibiting none of these symptoms before, was climbing trees still, jumping up on counters, very active and happy... A little uncomfortable due to his arthritis, but we were managing with cosequin and Fish oil.

I already had him on taste of the wild wet and dry, no grain, organic food beforehand, with a few pills of Cosequin in his food every day, along with fish oil and also some colloidal silver, so he already had a good foundation.

In desperation, after an all night visit to a vet where Smokey was constipated, Dehydrated, in massive pain, muscle spasms in his back, legs, rectum, and barely able to walk due to the constipation and pain, I went to Earth Clinic to look up what I could do for him and found this thread on George's aloe vera juice. First I ordered it from Amazon, and then I called my local natural grocers and asked if they had it. They did, I went and picked it up, and immediately gave my cat 2mL of aloe vera juice via syringe and also put some in his wet food, along with what I normally put in there, and fed it to him. I repeated the process four hours later, and then eight hours later. Then we went to bed.

When I woke up, I Smokey was in a nearby chair, perked up, and immediately came over to be pet!!!

The transformation was dramatic. Smokey is no longer dehydrated, His bones are no longer sticking out, he's walking around much more normally/more normal gait, Appetite back, Seems content/not in acute pain, and in general is behaving much more like the Smokey I knew before the attack. This is after only a half day of treatment. I have already given him his morning dose and he's now sleeping peacefully nearby.

I'm going to the vet later today for a follow-up from this weekend and will discuss with them what I've done. I plan on continuing 3 mL twice a day until he is fully recovered, and then I will continue 2 milliliters twice a day in his wet food for the rest of his life. I also just got him tested on Friday (before the weekend at the vet followed by aloe Vera miracle), for bloodwork/urine/fecal testing, And will have that done again in a month to compare the testing after the aloe vera treatment.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Jesus for answered prayer, and to Earth Clinic providing that answer!!!"

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Posted By Cheryl Cecile (Pensacola, Florida ) on 02/07/2024

"I rescued two polydactyl kittens that ran in front of my Lighting truck on the way to my cancer doctor, at two years old my. male started having problems gipng to the bathroom, one morning I found him under the couch laying in his urine, he was so weak he was literally dying, I pulled him out using a syringe shot Georges Aloe Vera down his throat, put him in a pet carrier and rushing to the vet, begging him to hold on and I was sorry he was so sick. I get to the vets in tears sigh in they put me in a room waiting to see the vet, I hear a meowing look at him sitting up staring at me, the vet put him on a IV, said he had crystals in his kidneys, and would need surgery to survive, . I didn't have thousands for surgery, he was up and eating so I brought him home, that was two years ago, now all my rescues get Georges Aloe Vera water at least twice a week. Aloe vera water is what helped me whn I was battling cancer 3 times, every one in my family drinks it, in laws n out laws!"
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Posted By Eve (Toronto, Canada) on 03/09/2024

"The vet said that my cat has the potential to have CRF. I want to buy aloe juice for him but the organic one from Lily of Desert has organic lemon juice concentrate and I know that citrus is toxin to cats. The one from George's isn't organic and it just shows from aloe vera leave on the bottle without mention which part of the leave. The juice from Lakewood has organic lemon juice concentrate too.

I don't know what to do now, any suggestion please? Thanks!"


Posted By Kelsey (VA) on 03/21/2024

"Did it help your cat?"