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Posted By Julia C. (United States) on 09/18/2019

"I actually got this remedy from you 6 years ago for my cat. He was having recurrent eye infections every 2 weeks that only responded to the vet's antibiotic drops for a short while.You had a whole blog about how to treat this with ACV: Dilute the vinegar with the " mother" 1:1 with water, saturate a cotton ball and rub between the cat's shoulder blades. I did this once and his infection was 75% gone. After using twice a day for a few days, I went to once a day, then every two days, etc. I found that a maintenance dose is giving that treatment every 3-4 days. No recurrent infections in 6 years since then. If I forget his eye might get watery and I know to treat more frequently for a few days. One vet had even suggested having his eye out. Thank you Earth Clinic!"
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Posted By Natalie (London ) on 07/28/2021

"Fantastic!! I love natural remedies. Great knowing it works. My cat has an eye infection ??"
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