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Posted By Susan (Calif) on 08/01/2019

"I have to write so anyone with a blocked cat because it is an emergency and when I called every vet from palm springs to indio to beaumont, when I told the vets I needed help but didn't have much money and my cat was dying, not one vet was available to help. Go figure?! Well it costa anywhere from 4 to 7k to hav we the vet do their thing. So instead of watching my cat die a horrible painful 24-48 hr death. I researched and researched and found out that organic apple cider vinagar with the mother 1/4 teaspoon to 3 teaspoons water mixed and forced into ur cats mouth with an eyedropper every hour as best u can and the vinager starts killing the bacteria that's killing your cat.

Then I found you can massage the cat's bladder gently and I would hold cat under arms ( called a ragdoll technique) and stand cat up. Seriously the cat was on its way out. I did this all night but guess what by morning the cat had peed allllll over the place. He is now on the road to recovery without spending thousands on a vet and having the cat die a cruel death. I read about a ton of cat owners battling this only to have their beloved cat put down thinking there was no other option. I'm telling you there is!"

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Posted By Maureen (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada) on 12/25/2019

"I use D Mannose for my UI cat. It is made with cranberries and latches onto the bacteria in the bladder and flushes it out. It does not change the acidity in the urine like the vinegar does. I would be leery of using your suggestion for the massaging f the bladder because if a crystal is stuck you could hurt the bladder. My male cat from a few years ago had crystals and had to have the surgery because of the stuck crystals in his penis caused scarring and he could not pee."

Posted By Nicole (Trinidad, Caribbean ) on 01/21/2022

"One of my male cats (Julius) has Urate Crystals and has lost a lot of weight because he does not fancy the recommend NF Advanced chow. He also had the surgery about a month ago. He's struggling, his urine sometimes is a pinkish colour and I see him in discomfort trying to pass fluid out. So I'm about to try the Apple cider vinegar. Thanks. Also trying to research what other food I can incorporate that won't affect his PH level too much."

Posted By Nikki Davis (North Carolina) on 08/25/2022

"Hey Susan,

Thank you so much for writing this article. We (my husband and I) are in the exact same situation as you. Cat severely blocked and have no money for the surgery. We were searching everywhere for funds to no avail. I had tried to give ACV to him on his food but would not drink it at all, then I found your article (this one). I did not know how often I needed to give him the ACV originally but your article was very detailed. We are trying this right now. My one question was when did you do the rag doll technique? When you did the Apple cider vinegar or halfway between the ACV every hour. Thank you again."


Posted By Neillien (Ga) on 02/09/2023

"Susan, california, how long did you continue to give the cat the quarter teaspoon ACV with 3 tsp water?

And how many hours did you hold the cat up rubbing his belly?"
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Posted By Gee (NJ) on 04/20/2024

"I just wanted to thank you & the others that have posted as you've all given me hope with my precious little boy. He's the most welcoming, social, loving kitty I've ever met and I will do anything to keep him here with me 💗 I will update you all on how ACV has been working with him & hopefully report a success story soon!!! I needed this boost of hope, thanks again"