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Apple Cider Vinegar for Dog's Bladder Infection

Posted By Ceg (Pa) on 03/17/2017

"My dog seemed to have a UTI or bladder infection (frequent urination, blood in the urine, etc.) Of course, these symptoms show at the start of a major blizzard...4' of snow and no plow on our road for 3 days. Needless to say, we could not get to the vet. Desperate, I searched for home remedies and found this site. Used 1 teaspoon of organic ACV twice a day. NO more signs of blood after first day, less frequent urine after day 2, totally back to normal by day 3. Thank you!"
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Posted By Chanel (Buford, Ga ) on 02/02/2021

"Music to a desperate fur mama?s ears. My old baby girl (12/13yrs old she?s a rescue) has been peeing pretty bloody for about two days now. Took her to a second opinion vet today and she had a good blood report, but her urine test wasn?t so good. Bacteria and blood in the urine(obviously). We are going back Thursday morning for a sonogram to see if what the vet is seeing in her bladder is a clot or crystals.

She did send me two prescriptions and an anti inflammatory, but I would love to try adding the ACV to her water in addition.

Yalls thoughts?"


Posted By Maggie (Id) on 07/31/2021

"Research D-Mannose and see if that's something that might work for you. It worked wonders for one of my dogs and it's easy to give."
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