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Baby Oil for Matted Fur

Posted By Amy (Florida) on 02/10/2017

"This was a big mistake to try this. I have an old cat with an oily back leg. I ended up cutting mats out."
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Posted By ANDREA (Texas) on 06/02/2022

"Re: Baby Oil for Matted Fur

I have a mean Maine coon who will not tolerate brushing. Every year he gets several large mats underneath on his belly and under his legs.

In the past, I have sedated him and had him shaved but the last time he came out of sedation, he wasn't the same for a long time. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS METHOD IS TO USE A DROPPER AND PUT ONE DROP ON THE MAT AND ONE DROP ABOVE THE MAT.

The mats will loosen up in a couple of days and you can just gently pull them off or they'll fall off on their own.

Please do not use more than a couple of drops and please please do not cover your cats with olive oil or baby oil.. this is extremely dangerous as their livers cannot process these oils."