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Baking Soda and Maple Syrup Treatment for Cancer in Dog

Posted By Jane (Massachusetts) on 10/21/2016

"The protocol for Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking soda) for dogs over 100lbs is 1tsp a day. You mix one part baking soda (Bobs Red Mill Brand - no trace aluminum in the product-VERY IMPORTANT) with 3 parts organic maple syrup. So for 3 Tablespoons of baking soda you will mix 9 Tablespoons of Maple syrup. Heat over stove not in aluminum!!! . I use a stainless steel pan with water and put the mixture in a Pyrex (glass) measuring cup and heat for 5-10 minutes over med heat, don't boil. You just want the mixture to blend. I put in a sterilized glass jar and put in the fridge for use over 1 week. Discard after the week and make a new batch. If your animal is less than 100 lbs, like 25lbs, I would use a quarter of a teaspoon a little less for 17lbs. I use a child's medicine syringe to disperse into my dogs mouth. This will help you to measure for a quarter teaspoon. My dog has cancer and responds phenomenally to this treatment. Like a new dog. I use this once a day for 6-8 solid weeks. Go to the vet monthly to check blood work, you want to know that your pet is in the clear. I might even use the protocol once a week as a preventative.

My dog's diet consists of ground turkey or chicken (NO MEAT, NO DAIRY, NO GRAIN) Fish is also acceptable, wild salmon a good option for cats.

This lightly cooked poultry is mixed with a little rice, 1 cup of raw spinach cut up it will wilt, 1 cup of raw watercress cut up and grated carrot, 2 cloves of minced garlic, minced fresh ginger, teaspoon of turmeric, sea salt, tablespoon of organic coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of ground beet root and some black strap molasses.

Poultry for B6, Spinach and beet root is for Iron as well as black strap molasses, turmeric and ginger are anti inflammatory, garlic is to boost immunity, watercress has B17 which fights cancer, coconut oil is anti bacterial, and sea salt for minerals.

Our vet wanted me to put my dog on Prednisone and do chemo/radiation. I said no, I can kill the cancer with baking soda and maple syrup, the anemia and inflammation are addressed with the ingredients in his food instead of the prednisone poison. Prednisone side affects include cataracts, loss of bone, loss of sleep, weight gain, headaches...... I only pay the vet for a diagnosis, I prefer to conduct my own treatment.

This works if you want to save your pet or a person with cancer. DO NOT DO CHEMO OR RADIATION it will kill. Go watch Dr Leonard Coldwell on youtube."

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Posted By Donna (Fl) on 06/20/2017

"This does work. I did it with my 13yr old papillon who had liver cancer. This stopped the tumor and to the vet's amazement, restored normal enzyme values for his liver."
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Posted By Maggie (Id) on 02/28/2018

"How much and how often is the baking soda/molasses given and is it given on an empty stomach?"
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Posted By Brenda (Funkstown, Md.) on 06/01/2018

"How much do you give them 15 years old"
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Posted By Carole (New York) on 06/06/2020


I would like to treat my dog with the baking soda and maple syrup concoction. She is btw 60 and 70 lbs. So should I give her 1 teaspoon per day?

She has 2 tumors on her liver."

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Posted By Joanne Taylor (Seminole Florida) on 11/16/2020

"I have a 15# doxy who was just diagnosed with cancer of the spleen..

She is not acting sickly. The vet gave her 4-6 more months to live. How much and how often with the baking soda and maple syrup."

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Posted By Bryan (IN) on 03/02/2021

"I am trying the maple syrup baking soda treatment on my older dog to remove some tumors. The vet says they are not cancerous but I am unsure.... Will this treatment work on non cancerous tumors? In addition, when I warm the syrup and baking soda, it hardens significantly. It turns into more of hard carmel substance. I have read people being able to put the mixture into a syringe. Not the mixture Im making, I can barely tear it apart. Am I doing something wrong? In advance, thank you for your response. Bryan"
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Posted By Steven (NY) on 06/18/2021

"Great advice! My dog is dying from cancer. How soon did your dog started reacting positively to your baking soda treatment?"
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Posted By Dustie Mulvany (Idaho) on 01/07/2022

"I just gave my dog first dosage last night and a few hours later she started getting sick, and today a to throw up, especially after drinking allot of water, I can't get her to eat anything today as well... Did your dog have any reaction to their first dose?"
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Posted By Art (California) on 01/07/2022


There are a few maple syrups made with xylitol, be sure yours is not one of those, as xylitol can kill dogs and at a minimum make them very sick.

In any case, it does not sound like a protocol you should follow.

You can use colloidal silver in the drinking water and apply topically with DMSO as Deirdre has described. Dogs can tolerate DMSO orally in very small amounts, but there are no studies or guidelines for that use.


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Posted By Michelle (Point ) on 01/27/2022

"How do I make this for a 25 lb dog, please?"
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Posted By Melanie (Nova Scotia) on 07/23/2022

"Thank you so much!! So much info and I appreciate every bit of it. Going to follow your protocol on my 14 year old beagle that has tumors. We were going to put him down, so this is my last Ditch effort to save him. Fingers crossed this helps, even just a little bit."
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Posted By Allen Johnson (AL) on 12/22/2022

"How much water do you use?"
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Posted By Rebecca (North Carolina) on 01/10/2023

"If you give more than needed, will it not be as effective or harm your dog? He is fluctuating between 96-89 lbs. The calculations are too much for my brain. If I give 1 tsp a day, and he is not 100 lbs, will it be ok?"
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Posted By Francene (Hawaii ) on 05/10/2023

"What is the dosage for cats?"
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Posted By Adrienne (ID) on 03/07/2024

"Which would be better, Apple Cider Vinegar and molasses or Apple Cider Vinegar and maple sugar? Seems sugar, even maple sugar, would not be good for a dog with cancer."