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Ted's Mange Cure Helped Dog

Posted By It Works (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 08/29/2016

"Hi I have a mixed terrier (with some other breed) called Boy. Last year he developed some skin disease. Some said it is mange, some said it is due to old age and some said he is suffering from a hormone deficiency. I thought it looked like mange. Tried all kinds of shampoos, plus giving him coconut oil in his diet but nothing worked. I came across this website and thought I'll give the "Borax and hydrogen peroxide" a try. Finding Borax was difficult in my country Malaysia. But I finally found some at ACE Hardware (not cheap). Bathe Boy with it three times. After each application, I left him as he is with not wash-off until the next application a week later. I shampooed him, wash and then applied the Borax + Hydrogen peroxide. Then I left him as he is until the next application (No wash-off). After the third application, an unfortunate incident happened. I rolled over him while he was sleeping under the car. Had three broken ribs, damaged diaphragm and a dislocated shoulder. Only had surgery to sew back the diaphragm. Three weeks later after the surgery, I finally bathe him again after the last application. So poor Boy did not have a bath for more than a month. He is recovering well and shoulder back in place. BUT I began to realized one thing. His hair was growing back nicely and I have to thank Ted's formula for it. IT WORKS! Please see pictures.

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Posted By Robert (Silver City NM) on 04/07/2024

" I found this youtube video that has the best and most natural treatment/cure for mange in dogs and cats! NEEM OIL. 1 part neem oil to 10 parts carrier oil like coconut, avocado, olive or apricot seed oil. I gave it to my cat after I tried the borax and hydrogen peroxide suggested on this site and after I called my vet and they told me I would have to use their Ketohex shampoo on my cat and bath him every other day for 3 months(RIDICULOUS). The neem oil did the trick only after the first treatment. The hair falling off his body was still quite traumatic and gross. Cheers!"