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Apple Cider Vinegar for Cats

Posted By Bettierage (Baltimore, Maryland) on 10/06/2014

"Thank you for all the testimonials!

I have a 16-year-old, Butch Catsidy, who has been with me since he was 3 months old. To say this cat has my heart is a huge understatement. He has always been prone to seemingly random sneezing fits. I think he has feline herpes virus, but three different vets have seen him over the years and weren't concerned about it. None of our other cats are afflicted, so I've been told it's just a fact of Butch's life.

Last Sunday, his regular sneezing turned into a full-blown URI. He got some antibiotics, as well as some Tramadol because he had basically developed nose plugs from all the discharge. Removing those so he could breathe and constantly trying to clean out his nose was apparently very painful. By Wednesday, I'd managed to remove all the blockage and keep it clear, but he wasn't eating at all. The antibiotics had nauseated him, and at one point, he threw up what looked like nothing more than nasal drainage. He had at least managed to hydrate with no problems since the illness started, but at three days with no food, I was beginning to fear the worst. Plus, he still had a rattle in his throat from phlegm. Then I saw the bottle of ACV and remembered my grandmother swore by it for all her minor ailments. I found this site when trying to determine if it was safe for cats.

Wednesday night, I put some ACV in his water. I also got some cereal because he is fascinated with bowls and spoons, and when I eat from a bowl he becomes very interested. I didn't want to give him milk, but at that point, any calories were good calories. I set up three bowls by his water dish - the milk, some gravy, and some soft canned food. By Thursday morning, he'd moved on to the gravy. So I diluted some ACV in water and rubbed some on his front paws, as well as on his neck. He continued with the gravy off and on throughout the day. I had a meeting I had to go that night, and I put more ACV on his paws and neck before I left. I was gone for about five hours, and I came home to a completely different cat than the one I left. The only rattling he was doing was purring, and he was bouncy and playful again and - most importantly - ravenous. He followed me into the kitchen and yelled at me, as he usually does, so I opened a can of his favorite sardine flavor food. He went crazy over it. We continued feeding him small meals all day and night Friday. Saturday, I was texting my husband when the sunlight caught my phone and cast a light on the back of the sofa. Butch went nuts chasing it! And his nose was totally cleared and back to pink.

Yes, he did have antibiotics, so I can't be sure how much the ACV had to do with clearing up the URI. We had given him his last one Wednesday because the nausea was so bad, and we wanted to get a different antibiotic in hopes it wouldn't upset his stomach so much. As far as I know, the ACV took over for the Clavamox and cleared the rest of the infection. At the very least, it cured the nausea and brought back his appetite.

I told my husband that a few people had said giving ACV to a cat would mess up the cat's pH balance. He's a biologist, and he said a cat would have to drink an entire bottle undiluted for that to happen, and antibiotics are more likely to throw him off balance. We barely made a dent in the bottle to get Butch back to 100%, so I'm a believer!"

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Posted By Anne (New Zealand) on 06/09/2015

"I'm wanting to use ACV on my cat, but didn't want to go ahead until I found out how and where to apply it and in what strength. I know the benefits of ACV, and I have started taking the Organic one again, as I sometimes have trouble accessing lemons to have a warm drink in the morning before breakfast. This column has been helpful, as I dont like giving my cat the flea and worm treatment in one, because it is so unnatural and costs $22 a month. I was treating her about 3 monthly with it and using a comb in the summer months to try and keep on top of the flea problem. I read a few comments on this forum that have been helpful and assured me that I would like to try her with ACV.

One thing I would like to share with readers is that I use colloidal silver a lot as a natural antibiotic. Putting it on a wound from a cat fight and giving it to her orally has ensured that it is working similar to an antibiotic, but without side effects. I keep it up for a few days. I use the liquid and sometimes the jelly form. It is great on burns too. It is something that the koala bears should have been treated with when they had burnt paws from the Australian forest fires. It brings almost instant relief and avoids blistering from my experience when used on a person, so judging by that, it must eliminate lingering suffering for animals. I can't sing its praises enough. I do recommend the strength 10ppm (parts per million) at least. I hope this is helpful to many readers. It has many other uses including use for viral infections, parvo virus with dogs, parasites, etc., etc. Google it and you will find it deals to hundreds of different ailments, diseases and viruses.

All the Best in seeking the best natural treatments for your pets!"

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Posted By Suseeq (Sydney, Australia) on 06/11/2015

"Everything you say is about collidial silver is absolutely true. I also add it to the dogs drinking water and they are both in good health one is 13 years old , yes it's a shame they didn't treat the koalas as it would have given so much relief, but what do we know we are just the dumb public. Thank goodness there are people like us always willing to help our animals in every way."
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Posted By Jean (Killingly, Ct) on 10/17/2015

"What is ACV?"

EC: ACV = Apple Cider Vinegar


Posted By Saundra (Hendersonville, Nc) on 11/24/2015

"To Butch's mom: I can SO identify with you! I have a 15 y.o. orange tabby named Lucky & he's been with me through SO much! Last night I put Adam's flea spray on him & he stayed drooling. This got me a little worried because of his age, & he's a little thin, which worries me in & of itself. (But he can still have attitude; that's for sure! ) After & in the bath, I saw tons of fleas on his belly, mainly; cuz I cleaned his face & head pretty well of fleas. He slept in the warm bathroom last night. I sprayed the apple cider vinager on him this morning & no drooling reactions like before. I'm hoping that will get rid of the fleas because with 5 cats-even though they're indoor only-the fleas are a huge problem! Your post caught my eye cuz you obviously love your cat very, very much, as I do mine. If you want to contact me (to share cat superiors or something; or share any tips on caring for aging cats - it was of great interest to me to hear how Apple Cider Vinegar helped your baby."
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Posted By Mia (USA) on 03/25/2024

"Make sure the Apple Cider Vinegar is RAW and ORGANIC, with the mother."