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Yorkie with Mammary Gland Tumors

Posted By Sio99 (New York, Ny) on 09/07/2014

"Hi all - thanks in advance for your help. My Lexi developed mammary tumors last December but only showed symptoms recently. I took her to the surgeon who quoted me $3000 to remove them but to be honest I just don't have it. What is happening is they swell up once a week and she is uncomfortable and lethargic. In a couple of days they start to drain through the nipple and she feels great again. What comes out is gross - a sticky white pus, no smell but gross - although I am happy to see it drain. I tried castor oil last night using warm compresses first, then soaking a cotton pad in the oil and putting the warm compress on top. I do want to be sure the castor oil is safe since the nipple drains. I don't want to clog it as I think that may be part of the problem (stick pus clogging it so now I use hydrogen peroxide tto was nightly). I read somewhere castor oil may not be safe so I want to be sure. It is her upper left nipple so she can not reach it to lick off.

Any and all suggestions are great. She is just under 11 and about 9lbs (a yorkie) - and she is an angel.

2 days ago I visited an herbalist in a holistic pet store who I trust - he has been there well over 20 years and is very respected. He is changing her diet - wants her off poultry and beef - and instead instructed me to get down 3 other proteins she will eat. Not appetizing yet but she will get over it. He wants bison, venison, salmon, rabbit, buffalo, lamb, pork or other fish. I am to get him 3 and he will come up w/recipes or a commercial option. He also wants her to fast once a week (which wont bother her at all).

In her food he gave us Gentle Digest Prebiotic and Probiotics, DMG immune strength support drops (N, N-Dimethylglycine (DMG)), Canine Immune System support (ingredients here: too many to post! ) and a Chinese herbs formula called Survival which is Frankincense, Zedoria, , Oldenlandia, Curcurma, Lindera, Licorice & Gynostemma which is out of the Connecticut Institute for Herbal Studies. The trick is getting them in her which is NOT going very well, but again she will have to get over it too. I have now realized she knows the word medicine and goes and hides. She is smart!

Thank you all so much!"

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Posted By Ann (Nj) on 02/19/2016

"Hi..I see this post is a bit old but its actually the only one regarding mammary gland tumors.I would really like to hear your experience about what worked best in your case.."
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Posted By Abby (Nj) on 03/14/2016

"Was wondering if you have had any luck with trying any remedies, as this is the only post about mammary glands."
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Posted By Karen (Michigan) on 09/05/2016

"Hi Ann. How is the mammary gland tumor treatment working with your little one? My little toy poodle who is a rescue and has two open tumors on the right side is not responding to the treatments very quickly.

I am searching and will be changing the current plan. Essaic tea or tumreric or honey. Have you tried them?????

Triple antibiotics, Hydrogen Peroxide with half water, and NuVet wafers just are not working fast enough. She has been on all for over two weeks. Looks a tiny bit better and at least the other two on the left side haven't opened up."

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Posted By SMequine (Midwest USA) on 04/15/2024

"Good afternoon, one of my older rare breed Bolonkas has tumor on mammary gland. She has been on Joe Tippen protocol for 5 wks now. No change.

Castor Oil and DMSO topically. Getting Curcumin sprinkled in food w capsule broken open of Reishi. Wanding w iTerraHertz 15 mins daily as well.

I want to increase turmeric and/or paste it, but I am not sure about the bleeding issue on mammary gland blood supply.

Has anyone used turmeric on mammary tumors? What about Bloodwort?

She is 12/13 yrs old, 8-10#, and a happy Howdy Dyu Russian Bolonka."


Posted By Madelyn (Idaho ) on 04/15/2024

"Ivermectin shrinks tumors to almost nothing after 6 months of daily use. Horse paste 1.87% version. Adjust according to the weight of your little dog :)"
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Posted By Hollyhock (America ) on 04/16/2024

"I've also read to apply castor oil to non-cancerous tumors to help shrink them. Some add frankincense to it as well."