Parsley for Ovarian Cysts

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Jesusislovetome (Fayetteville, NC) on 12/20/2009:
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Ovarian cysts--I discovered quite by mistake, that juicing carrots, beets, parsely, spinach and green apples is not only delicious but it also caused my cysts become much smaller. I made up this mix simply for the health benefits and one of the immediate effects was that my monthly cycles became very lite and not painful as they had been in the past. It took some research to find out that it was the beets that I included in the mix. I drink a glass full every day. I make this in large quantities 5 pounds carrots,4 green apples, a few sprigs of parsley, a hand full of spinach and 2 whole beets. I hope this is helpful to someone, God bless.
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