Parsley for Kidney Stones

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Brian (Collingdale, Pennsylvania) on 11/11/2008:
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Another potential cure. My wife has had kidney stones since before I met her. The first one she had (with the excruciating pain!) was the size of a mothball and was on an xray and was diagnosed on a friday. They were going to do either a cat scan or an mri (I never remember) on the following monday to get a better ideal on what she had.

She went online and found multiple instances of parsley and parsley tea, so she made a big pot of tea using three bunches of flat leaf italian parsley. She drank it over the weekend and by monday she was pain free.
When she had the test done, they couldn't find anything and kept going back and forth between the xray and the latest scan and also asking her name to verify the xray. They told her that there must have been dirt on the xray and she asked what the pain was that she had then.

She then told them what she had done and after being confused and saying that it couldn't have helped, they basically told her that she was not telling the truth, Since then, she has had kidney stone type pain and each time she has done parsley tea and in a couple of days she is pain free.

And since a dozen years ago I had a kidney stone (8mm) and had lithotripsy to get rid of it, I will do parsley tea if I ever have kidney stone pain again I will drink a lot of parsley tea.

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