Rosa de Castilla for Vomiting

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Sara (San Bernardino) on 02/17/2023:
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Rosa de Castilla meaning rose petals, is very good for an upset stomach.

I usually try things at home if it doesn't work instantly, it can need medical attention. I got so sick with the stomach flu and was running to the bathroom for 3 days, my Dr gave me something that only caused my to vomit. After that just so happened my sister called my mom to say hi and see how she was doing and my mom responded by telling her she was fine but that I was ill with a stomach flu and my sister told her omg mom, give her Rosa de Castilla which is the rose petals from a rose bush with thorns. You remove the petals and rinse the good with water like 6 petals put about a cup and a half of water to boil and as soon as it starts to boil add the rose petals to the boiling water for about a minute or 2 strain the water to remove the petals add a little sugar. It actually tastes good as God is my witness it was all I needed. No worry about it harming you, you can also buy Rosa de Castilla at Mexican supermarkets. They look like dried rose petals. All you need is a pinch of 3 fingers per cup. Wish you all well

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