Apple Cider Vinegar for Vomiting

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Andslat (De Pere, Wi) on 01/03/2010:
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Well...where do I start? First of all, please note that I am a huge believer in the benefits of ACV for some ailments. However, in prevention of the stomach "flu" way. I have been habitual user of ACV for the last six months. However, I just experienced the WORST flu ever! Out of my family of four, I had the most extreme symptoms. And in fact while I was vomiting, I thought I might die from the acid burning feeling traveling up my esphogus. I am laying off the ACV for now. If it works for you..great. Not for this gal anymore!
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Christy (Weiser, Idaho) on 07/26/2008:
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Apple cider vinegar cures the flu....When I had the flu growing up my Mother always had me drink a tea she made from 2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar 2 Tablespoons Honey and 6oz hot water. It would immediately stop vomitting and help with diarrhea and also helped with a fever... The honey also relaxes stomach muscles and helps with your digestive track along with all the wonderfull things the ACV does.... As a child I didn't really appreciate the taste of this tea my Mother made, but as an adult it tastes pretty good. I swear by it now!!
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Emma (London, England) on 03/24/2008:
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I have been using Apple Cider Vinegar now since religiously reading article on your site almost a year now. My whole family recently came down with stomach flu and myself, and my son age 5 who loves vinegar drank a spoonfull of ACV every few hours and overcame the illness within 24 hours. I did not vomit. my son only vomited once, that was before he took the ACV then he made an instant recovery. My husband and daughter who refused to take it and thought I was mad suffered for days with crippling stomach pains and unable to keep any food down...

Thank god for your site wish I knew about it along time ago. It could have saved me so much illness.

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Pauline (Port Townsend, WA) on 03/16/2008:
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I read Dr. D.C. Jarvis's book about folk medicine around 1960 and began to give my children apple cider vinegar whenever they got the stomach flu. It always worked. I believe he was the one who said that the vinegar changed the ph balance in the intestinal tract so that the virus couldn't live and reproduce.
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Linda (Athens, Greece) on 03/01/2004:
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I had read that ACV helped with food poisoning (luckily haven't needed to test that!) and wondered if it would help with stomach flu. In February my daughter came home from school vomiting one day and I started to feel nauseous myself 2 days later. I immediately took 1 teaspoon ACV in as little water as I could tolerate and better better. Five minutes later the nausea came back and I took more ACV. This sequence went on for an hour or two and then the nausea was gone and I didn't vomit at all!! I'd like to add that when my daughter was 2 years old, she was having a temper tantrum at my mother-in-law's house (in a farming village in northern Greece) and an elderly neighbour tried to give her some vinegar in water to drink to cure her of the "evil eye" which they believe in. My daughter just pushed the cup away so we couldn't test the theory!! Thanks for all your info!
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