Meniere's Disease Remedies

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Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 08/29/2013:
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Hi Cindy... Teds remedy for Meniere's is shown below:

"Ted from Bangkok, Thailand: "Meniere's Disease:

This is the simplest possible cure for this condition. You should see a dramatic reduction in tinnitus, dizziness, vomiting in a matter of days. The cause is a virus, likely to be a herpes viruses. The condition attacks the area and when you first have it, you know when it started. The remedy to get most of the viruses killed is to take 1000 mg of vitamin C, followed by a 55 minute doses and take 1200 mg of lysine for a total of 6 doses on the first day. On the second day it's 1200 mg of lysine at 55 minute dose interval for a total of 4 doses. The third and fourth day is the same. To make sure it's completely gone, you try to take at least 1200 mg of lysine dose twice a day for the next 30 days, or longer. The point is, the very first week usually 90% is gone on the first week. The lysine is kept up at a fairly high level. For the more tougher cases, an aspirin 500 mg can be added along with the vitamin C on before starting on the daily doses of lysine. That means vitamin C 1000 mg plus aspirin 500 mg before starting the 6 doses of lysine on first day, 4 doses on second day, 4 doses on the third day, 4 doses on the fourth day. It's a four day remedy that usually kills most of the herpes out of the system. If it isn't out, the attacks will be far and between, instead of getting more frequent attacks with each coming year, until it becomes very debilitating. I managed to see a couple of cures, from this Meniere's disease. If there are tougher ones, there is alpha lipoic acid, zinc and alkalization to deal with it, as well as lemon bioflavonoid, piracetam, and the like. But it's likely to be lysine, vitamin C and aspirin in that order. I am presently investigating alpha lipoic acid in such use, but since herpes always goes away before I get a chance to start it, I haven't yet a chance to try it yet.

Thereafter the one month, I think a maintenace dose of just 1200 mg lysine should prevent most future attacks. If not increasing the dose to just twice a day should be sufficient."


Since, from the research, it is suspected that Menier's is caused by the herpes virus -- this is why Ted's remedy works so well, because this remedy is essentiallly an anti-viral, anti-bacterial remedy.

I would also advise that you supplement turpentine or distilled gum sap of pine. This remedy is anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-mycoplasma and anti-parasitic and is described here by me in this post stream as part of a remedy for candida. Pine oil is also a diuretic which will help against your retention problems.

Pine oil is also regarded as a health giving food in Asia. To see more -- just do a Google Search on "Korean Red Pine Oil" or "Japanese Red Pine Oil".

If you don't like the idea of supplementing turpentine then I would advise that you could easily supplement pine needle tea instead. And since you live in Wisconsin which has so many pine trees -- then this is a free and easy remedy for you to make.

In the time of the early American settlers who were spreading eastwards across America, many of these settlers had diseases like scurvy and other problems because of poor diet. From the history, apparently the native American indians took pity on the settlers and they showed them how to make the pine needle tea which cured many of their problems including scurvy. Pine needles contains large amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. The equivalent weight of pine needles contains 8 times more vitamin c than one orange and 4 times more vitamin c than a single lemon.

So here is another option for you. Pine needle tea contains the same beneficial oils as pine oil or turpentine (mainly alpha- and beta-pinenes). And if you are living in a region with pine trees like Wisconsin -- then it's a free cure -- all you need are the fresh pine needles to make the tea.

To make pine needle tea add two tablespoons of fresh, washed, chopped pine needles to a teapot of water that has just boiled. Steep for 10 minutes then just drink the tea. You can also make larger batches of pine needle tea like this and store it in the fridge -- it keeps for about 5 weeks because of its anti-microbial properties.

Take the pine needle tea three or four times a day.

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Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 08/30/2013:
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If I may add to Ted's anti viral recipe and the pine neddles suggestion... If the assertion by Ted is correct, that Meniere's is caused by a virus, my favorite viral killer is colloidal silver and I hope readers of this site will consider it. To get to the ears, when ever I have an ear infection I use an ear syringe and squirt into the ear canals twice in an hour letting the liquid drain out by leaning the head to the side; the same as when one gets water into the ear when taking a shower or getting out of the swimming pool (or ocean... my favorite).

The infection could be all the way into the eustasian tubes which run from ear canal to the sinus cavity so one would want to ingest into the sinus cavity also. If infected in the sinus, it will sting so be prepared for a sharp stinging sensation the first time you irrigate the nasal passages... If infected that is. If you irrigate both sinus and ears two to three times, most infections will be killed.

Ted mentions the amino acid "lysine" and lysine is indeed anti viral but orally taking the lysine will take a long time to get to the problem and where the body has minimal circulation such as the eustasian tubes, the effect will be minimal and if the infection is also in the eustations, there may likely be a "secondary infection" which happens all the time when a doctor has a patient on antibiotics to kill a bacterial infection. Why? Because the anitbiotic cannot "get to" the eustations. But an irrigation method using silver goes straight to the source of the infection.

And silver atoms kill virus, fungus and bacteria. I use a high ppm dosage; I make my own and have done so for twenty years and take two or three times weekly; orally and anytime there is any sign of a sinus or ear infection or sore throat.

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