Oregano Oil for Vaginal Cysts

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Anon (Anon) on 09/29/2017:
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I had two small bumps on the opening of the cervix for nearly ten years. The obgyn said it was "just a little irritation". They would flatten out and then come back now and then. I started to treat what felt like a pelvic infection by swabbing the inside of the vagina with wild oregano oil diluted in olive oil. I applied several drops to my fingers and rubbed it in once a day. I also started douching with raw apple cider vinegar after sex, and eating and applying kefir inside the vagina. The two bumps on the cervix are gone and the texture of the tissues feels smoother. This treatment has been maybe three weeks on and off. The oil burns for a few minutes. The kefir I drink two cups in the morning first thing. Especially after an oxygen and magnesium colon cleanser the previous night. My abdominal/pelvic area feels much better after many years of pain. My legs also no longer hurt, though that may be from quitting caffeine. I have been using the acv/lemon/ginger/garlic/honey and getting more protein, too. I would like to cure the scraping sound in my knees, so I drink whey and hydrolyzed collagen.
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