Magnet Therapy for Thyroid Issues

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Timh (Ky) on 04/08/2016:
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Liz: You are welcome.

I get the feeling that people are reluctant to try Magnet Therapy especially on the Thyroid, so I will respond be not afraid as there is no evidence of harm. I use strong magnets, but one should at least begin removing bad energy, inflammation, and infection with a simple Refrigerator Magnet. From my personal experience in a variety of conditions and body parts, Magnets are the single best place to start a cure. So many conditions never respond favorably to many treatments whether conventional or alternative because of the "preconditions" of bad energy, inflammation, and infection.

Recently I have found Zapping almost completely ineffective for local infection in my joints & lower spine until I discovered Magnet Therapy was absolutely necessary prior to Zapping. So now, I do this sequence as a rule-of-thumb on joints or even sensitive parts like thyroid & Thymus glands. Speaking of the Thymus Gland, in relation to the Thyroid, there could very well be a connection with especially the autoimmunity. Any toxin like Fluoride, zenobiotic, parasite, or infection in the Thymus Gland will produce immune dysfunction of many types as the Thymus is "the brain" of the immune system. For starters, one should use a Refrigerator Magnet on both these glands and also do a "tapping" with a fingertip to both heal & stimulate these glands back to normal.

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