Homeopathic Remedies for Thyroid Issues

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Neelam (Los Angeles, CA USA) on 10/06/2008:
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hyperthyroidism: i was devastated when i heard i got grave's disease. After that doctor told me about my different options of treatment. one of them was radioactive iodine. i didn't want any radioactive treatment in me. so i read about bugleweed. i already started to have tachycardia. but after 4 days of this combination of tx. i feel today i am back to myself. give your body some time to heal yourself. they don't work immediately. go for homeopathic. i consulted different homeopathic. homeopathy can eradicate your disease forever, but it takes time.
EC: Neelam, can you please send us more information about what you took exactly? Was it bugleweed tea or homeopathic remedies containing bugleweed? Thanks!

Information about bugleweed here: http://earthnotes.tripod.com/bugleweed.htm

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