Milk of Magnesia for Seborrheic Dermatitis

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Diane S (Old Bridge, Nj) on 04/03/2017:
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We have tried so many things to deal with seborrheic dermatitis on my nephew's head, from shampoos to lotions or natural treatments, nothing worked well. Then it seemed to have spread to his face. It was hot, felt like it was burning, red, flaky and he had yellow crusts. Certain food/drinks made it worse (caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, etc.) It was horrible. We tried plain milk of magnesia, and it cleared totally. I took a few days. The redness went away immediately. We applied the milk of magnesia to his face and a few spots on his head. We let it dry for an hour and washed it off with warm water. He did this every day for three days and it was totally gone. A week later, one or two spots came back, and he applied it again. It has been over a month and his face and head are normal. We are thrilled. He uses glycerin soap once a day to wash his face. We are grateful for Ted's insight.
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Shaun (York, England) on 01/22/2009:
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered for too many years with SB / Dandruff that I care to mention, and the history of which is too laboured to bore you with here. However, I read recently of one of Ted's ideas of trying Milk of Magnesia (this has a ph of about 10-10.5). I put this on my scalp whilst in the bath (for about 10 mins), and then rinsed it off with freshwater. I then rinsed my scalp with a 50/50 mix of ACV and a very strong 25% vinegar made by Speyer & Grund GmbH, 08393 Meerane/Sachsen, Germany (this is powerful stuff, and so great care must be taken in testing how sensitive you are to it). Anyway, once out of the bath I ran a brush through my hair and HUGE flakes of dead skin just fell away leaving my scalp sparklingly clean.

As to whether I have a fungus or a candida issue I really do not know, but I feel I may just be allergic to cheese and white bread - or both in combo with candida. Anyway, for those suffering give this a go you will be stunned at the results. It may also just work with ACV (5%) and not the 25% vinegar / ACV mix.

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