Look for What Is Causing the Imbalance for Seborrheic Dermatitis

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Monique (Laguna Beach, CA) on 08/13/2008:
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After trying everything listed on this site, I decided to get tested for food allergies. I was skeptical, but after two weeks of avoiding foods I was allergic to, my scalp was 90% better. I am hoping the seborrheic dermatitis completely goes away in a few more weeks. I highly recommend getting the blood test for food allergies / delayed food allergies. Is is worth every penny. Everything else works temporarily.

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Tom (Sarasota , USA FL) on 06/30/2007:
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I keep reading how everyone is looking for a cure to their ailment, Seborec Dermatitis, Dandruff etc .. Your never going to find the cure using creams , lotions or even vinigar ! All your doing is covering a symptom of some other problem within the body. The reason these symptoms mainfest is due to some sort of imbalance. Your body is designed to heal and protect itself. Stress is one problem that manifests in our skin, food are another. Try diet restriction and meditation. Bring peace into your life and watch out for certain foods. Dairy , Milk and Cream specifically, Beer Caffeine.. these all can cause severe skin reactions.. Meditate for 20 minutes asking the question.. " what will fix this ?" listen cloase and you will get an answer.. Good luck .. and Trust Me.
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