Lemon Juice for Seborrheic Dermatitis

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Samuel ( Solatria, A S A) on 09/06/2009:
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Regarding Ted's ACV and H202 remedy for Seborrheic dermatitis --

A kind suggestion:

DO NOT DRINK VINEGAR! Daily consumption of a fair amount of a highly acidic substance is anything but safe!


A recent article suggested that the daily consumption of slightly acidic water can prove HIGHLY TOXIC in the long run. Imagine what would be the case with vinegar which is highly acidic! Plus, on a daily basis, it would probably HARM YOUR TEETH as well. Highly acidic food softens the outer layer of enamel in your teeth, so doing that on a daily basis certainly doesn't help retain strong and healthy teeth.

I would also suggest to use freshly squeezed LEMON JUICE instead of vinegar for the removal of the sebum, since it DOESN'T SMELL, plus it DOES JUST AS GOOD in preventing flare-ups and keeping seborrheic dermatitis under control!!! Again, i am NOT talking about drinking lemon juice, but rather applying a few drops of lemon juice mixed with equally few drops of water on your face, leave it for a few seconds and rinsing it with water, and try to avoid contact with your eyes. It is most effective during bathing. Try to do that on a daily basis. If you have high amounts of accumulated sebum on your skin, you might need to repeat this "apply and rinse" process 2 or 3 times. Remember not to exaggerate on doing that. YOUR SKIN NEEDS A THIN LAYER OF SEBUM to remain moisturized, healthy and protected.

Lemon juice (or vinegar) do NOT help heal inflammation, they simply help prevent it, and they usually do that really well. If you already have inflammation on your face, be patient. It will take a few days for the inflammation to go away. Lemon juice and vinegar really sting in inflammated areas and in this case you should consider dissolving it with just enough water so as not to sting bad. Just experiment...

You might be wondering what do lemon juice and vinegar have in common that makes them effective against seborrheic dermatitis. It is quit simple, they have approximately equal pH factor (actually lemon juice is slightly better). They dissolve the sebum making it easy to remove through rinsing, and provide a hostile environment for the fungi to populate. The remaining sebum on your face is homogeneous (not flaky) and oily.

If by any chance you find the odor of lemons annoying, just peel their skin before squeezing them. The juice of a lemon is odorless, its the skin that has all the odors. Most people like it though. Note that just one lemon would normally take you for weeks, when stored in a fridge. You only need a few drops at a time for your face, so a thin slice would do the work.

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