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Urine for Psoriasis Treatment

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Cathy (San Antonio, Texas) on 06/14/2015:
5 out of 5 stars

If someone has posted this, I have missed it. It is the cheapest topical cure you will find. I first heard about urine therapy years ago and you will find that if you GOOGLE it (that is, after you stop laughing at this post...), you will find that it is legitimate in eliminating psoriasis on your skin, scalp, etc.. The very first story I read was a man that had genital psoriasis. He thought for sure this was a JOKE. But in the privacy of his morning constitutional, he caught some of his morning urine and simply applied it topically. Within the week, it was about 90% eliminated. It works fast and effectively. This is not to infer that you don't need to clean up your gut, because you do....but whilst you do that, you skin can be clear.
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