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Sulfer 8 and Zoriasis for Psoriasis Treatment

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Lynne (Dayton, Ohio) on 09/11/2008:
5 out of 5 stars

I have been suffering with psoriasis for twenty years. I was mainly affected on my scalp and had constant flaking. Several years ago, I began to get small patches on my body. One day a lady noticed the flakes on my shoulder and recommended a product called Sulfer 8. This is usually found in the African American hair care section in major supermarkets. I found that it did work pretty well but when I mixed a product called Zoriasis in with it, the results were amazing. The small spots disappeared in several months and the redness and flaking on my scalp has diminished greatly! I am so happy. My scalp doesn't itch like it used to. The Sulpher 8 does have a menthol smell but it feels really good. The Zoriasis product can be found online. I just mix about one teaspoon of Zoriasis into the four ounce jar of Sulpher 8 and this will last for months. I just had to share this and I hope it brings psoriasis sufferers the same relief it gives me! Good luck!
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