Fenugreek for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

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Kmama (Beaverton, Or) on 12/10/2012:
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Fenugreek as a poultice/paste on the pelvic region almost immediately relieved the inflammation and ache. I used the powder capsule form, took apart the capsules (5-8) and added a bit of hot water to make a paste. Slathered it on the area and left it there for a bit over half an hour. I even felt tension leave my lower back. I'm doing this in conjunction with dong quai. Will update soon with more feedback. Just felt the need to post about fenugreek since it worked so well and quickly to alleviate a pain that had woke me up several times last night. Going to put on my lymph areas near the pelvic region tomorrow as they say fenugreek helps to detox thru the lymph glands.
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