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Homeopathy for Panic Attacks

Dr Howard (San Pedro, CA ) on 03/03/2023
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General use: The key remedy in my view in homeopathy for panic attacks is Kali (potassium) phosphate 6X (used with magnesium phosphate 6X works wonders even for pain! )AM/PM 6 pellets or tabs is a start potency can go to 30X or 12C once in a while if the attack is severe, but use the 6X daily. During the attack, a dose of each mineral given here should be taken every 10 minutes as the brain will use them up fast. As the attack eases take every 30 minutes then hour until event has subsided. Chiropractic adjustments to relieve nerve impingements. Focus on atlas or first cervical or neck vertebra as the entire nerve cord as it leaves the brain goes through the atlas and the axis or second neck vertebra. Both are held in place by muscle and ligaments so go out of place called a subluxation thus placing pressure (which can affect the brain and emotions-electrical impulses leaves the brain and comes back from the cells reporting any disturbances, etc.) on the vital nerves or spinal cord. Over 427 trillion nerve fibers! ?Upper cervical? chiropractors are listed online as these chiropractors focus on the atlas.

Dr Howard San Pedro, CA

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Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation for Panic Attacks

Susan (California) on 06/26/2022
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Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation for Panic Attacks

I used a sinus inhaler (the kind used for head colds). I rinsed it well and filled it with H2O2. I pumped it 2-4 times into the back of my mouth, sucked it in as hard as I could and held it for 5-10 seconds. Do that 3-4 times and do it 3-4 times a day. I noticed within 2-3 days that I no longer had panic attacks. I would do the inhaling whenever I went out to the store, or whatever, and within 2 weeks I found that I didn't need to do it anymore. I always thought that the panic attacks were tied to my ADHD but...I don't know how it worked, it just did.

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Panic Attacks and Gut Connection

Charity (faithville, Us) on 09/05/2021
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Panic attacks are interesting. I had them five hours a night for years on end and they seemed to be hooked to my stomach. I would wake up sick to my stomach with my heart racing and sweating and thought I might throw up or die as my chest pounded. Five hours later I would calm down and fall back asleep. I also had night terrors since childhood until I was late 50's. I had a little pomeranian/dachsund 88--2000, that looked like a papillon, and she would entertain everyone with her silliness. She would run to me when I would be having these attacks and snuggle up. I did learn later that distractions would help and started to play solitaire cards to get my mind to focus on something else. In the early 90's, after I had neck surgery to remove a chip from a disc that broke off, the doctors put me on prozac and I slept a 12 hour night and a 4 hour nap during the day for 3 years. During that time I had no yeast infections, could eat most foods I normally had to avoid, and was not emotional. I did gain weight and was still seeing one of my counselors, as a friend.


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Potassium Helping Panic Attacks

Rakaia (Perth, Australia ) on 10/24/2020
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I too have panic attacks at night. Also I can?t breath an give short little Gasps. I thought maybe I have forgotten to breathe and the time between breaths is too long therefore causing me to give the involuntary little gasps. Well I tried having potassium and it has sure helped the breathing and panic attacks. Also I feel it has helped a lot of my bone and muscular pain. I have Hashimotos and Hematomachrosis which I take medication for and venesection for the latter of my problems.
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Aconite Nepallus 200 CH for Panic Attacks

Sanja (Ontario) on 10/24/2020
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I am homeopath and had panic attacks for years...I took Paxil for 9 years too. Then during my studying I found Aconite Nepallus 200 ch that worked wonders for me to wean off anti depressants and continue with this remedy. I would take 1 or 2 pallets when needed and soon I didn't need it at all. Great remedy!

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Argentum Nitricum Homeopathic Remedy Effective for Panic Attacks?

Trilby (Western Massachusetts) on 08/03/2017

I wonder if anyone here has tried Argentum Nitricum for panic attacks? I'm using maca root right now in combination with rhodiola and it's working pretty much. But I'd like to try the Argentum and see if it works better. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

Dietary Changes Helped Prevent Panic Attacks

Diane (California) on 04/05/2017
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Regarding panic attacks.

When I was 24 years old I suffered from severe panic attacks. I am Hispanic and live in the U.S. Many American Hispanics from the U.S. love chili and I was raised with a big bowl of yellow chili in juice at the table morning, noon, and for supper. As a child I only had a little juice from the chili bowl on my food. Eventually I graduated to large serving with food until I was totally hooked on chili. My family was from New Mexico where some of the best chili in the world is from! Red or green is mostly used. And usually it is hot! We loved it! We ate enchiladas and tacos, burritos, beans with chili! Anyway I didn't know it but the chili was causing me a lot of acid and this worked hand in hand with my severe panic attacks! The acid from these foods and spicy dishes was causing me really severe panic attacks! Eventually I noticed that Rolaids or Tums and even baking soda in water would help control my panic attacks! I ended up cutting down on spicy foods and this in my case stopped the panic attacks. If I feel a panic attack coming on which today is rare, I head for the acid medication fast! This usually stops the panic attacks in my case. I now have very little chili in my diet.

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Rapid Heartbeat and Panic Attacks Caused by MSG

Lynn (Colorado) on 01/21/2016

I realized that rapid heart rate, frequent urination and panic were associated, for me, with an allergy to MSG. I looked up the side effects, and there it was, arrythmia, panic, rapid heart rate, swelling, etc. We underestimate how much of our food is added with MSG. It was better when I was younger, but no more. Age has made it a terrible reation. CHECK YOUR FOOD, eat nothing with MSG and see if your issues resolve. I am 59, take nothing, not even Advil. MSG is responsible for heart arrythmia, heart attack, swelling, frequent urination (had that too), so be aware. You are responsible for your health....the medical community of big pharma, the 3 minute dr.visit, you must wake up and take care of your health, thank goodness for earthclinic. God bless.
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Inositol for Panic Attacks

Tb (San Francisco, Ca) on 08/19/2012
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Just a shout out to anyone suffering from panic attacks. I was debilitated by them and was close to taking anti-depressants until I met with my holistic doctor who gave me inositol 400 mg tablets. I take 6-8 tablets a day. It has made a real difference for me and I have not had to take any of the prescription drugs that have so many bad side effects. Additionally, the inositol has no side effects and is very inexpensive. I hope this is helpful to someone because it really saved my life!
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Magnesium and Acv Tried for Anxiety Attacks and Fainting - Help Requested

Sue (Melbourne, Australia) on 05/22/2009
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I was always prone to fainting as a child but this disappeared with adulthood. However, in the last few months I have suffered frequent dizzy spells and have lost consciousness on a couple of occasions. Blood tests taken by the doctor have come back as ok. I have also experienced palpitations and 'dreamlike' feelings, particularly when driving, and have self-diagnosed panic attacks. I don't want to go down the line of prescription meds so last week started to take a magnesium tablet once a day (to reduce adrenaline) and 1 tsp acv daily (for anxiety/ general health). I fainted just this morning. My diet/ water intake is pretty healthy. Are there any other remedies I could try? Many thanks in advance for any advice.

Lavendar Oil for Panic Attacks

Kendra (Boston, MA) on 12/29/2007
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A clinician once told me to drop lavendar essential oil onto a tissue and breathe in the scent to help with my anxiety and panic attacks. It works really well and can be done in a public place as holding a tissue to your nose does not attract any attention. Be sure to use a brand that doesn't smell too strongly (or dilute with water) so you can carry your scented tissues with you all the time.