DMSO for Herniated Disc

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Alex (Thessaloniki) on 08/20/2020:
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Bad results for me with using DMSO. In the summer due to high temperatures I couldn't do any exercise or physiotherapy for my back pain. I decided to use DMSO mixed with flaxseed oil (1:1) for about two months. I had a pain crisis due to my herniated disc after overworking and not protecting my lumbar area and DMSO didn't help even in alleviating the pain or muscle spasm.
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David (Baja California Sur, Mexico) on 07/18/2012:
5 out of 5 stars

I use DMSO to relieve some of the painful symptoms of a herniated # 4 lumbar disc. My best guess is DMSO works because not only does the nerve bundle cause pain, but the pain causes adjacent muscles to tense up and spasm. Believe it or not, I am convinced the knotted muscles feed back pain to the nerve, aggravating it even more. No, I'm afraid DMSO is not the all enveloping miracle cure for a herniated disc agony. But it does temporarily relieve a significant amount of pain - and I do not have to swallow even more medicine to do it. Call me "convinced".
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