Decompression Therapy for Herniated Disc

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Mandi (Mn) on 07/24/2016:
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Non surgical spinal decompression made my back issue worse! I started with 2 bulging discs in L4-5 & L5-S1. Now they think I'm also dealing with Pelvic Instability, which has been awful! I'm in a lot of pain most of the time, more so with sitting. I can't find anyone who deals with that diagnosis. I've tried PT, 4 different Chiropractors, prolo therapy, accupuncture, non surgical spinal decompression & message. I've been on Turmeric & an injury rehab vitamin pack for about 4 months. I'm just trying not to lose hope. Back pain sucks!

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Cgb (Usa) on 04/17/2015:
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I did it. The doctor's office used a machine called AccuSpina and it made me worse because the machine malfunctioned. It basically is intermittent traction that is computer controlled. I think it is a scam. There are no independent studies that show it is any more effective than traction.

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