Vitamin C and DMSO for Cold Sores

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Marymcdowell (Wilmington, DE) on 05/16/2015:
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I started getting cold sores about five years ago. I get them from sun exposure and they are always on my top lip. The first time I had one it has horrendous--I didn't know what to do and it was huge and lasted for ten days. After that, I started researching and started using topical hydrogen peroxide plus DMSO. This worked pretty well most of the time, but was very time-consuming, as I had to use a q-tip and keep dabbing the solution on the spot for a half-hour at a time, multiple times a day. Last summer I was at my daughter's house in another state, working in the yard without lipstick one morning--the next day I felt the beginning of a cold sore. I started using the peroxide and DMSO but it didn't seem to be working well. I decided to try some Lypo-spheric vitamin c (which is a gel that comes in little foil packages) plus the DMSO. It worked really, really well!

Since then I have used just the Lypo-spheric vitamin c plus DMSO at least three times and the results are nothing short of miraculous. I dab a little DMSO on the spot, then add the Vit c gel and rub it in, but then add a little more gel to leave a small blob on my lip. I leave this on for as long as I can, but usually not more than 15 minutes (although if going to bed, I just leave it on and go to sleep). I might do this twice in a day. The cold sore basically does NOT develop at all. It stops it in its tracks. Recently I realized that DMSO gel (instead of the liquid) probably will work better since it's the same consistency as the vit c gel. (you can use the one package of vit c gel several times, just fold the foil over and paper-clip it in between uses)

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