The Rip-Em-Off Method for Cold Sores! for Cold Sores

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steve (bolingbrook, illinois) on 10/09/2007:
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what has worked for me for getting rid of cold sores faster than anything else may, not be the best thing. it hurts for a while, but it gets rid of them fast. take a wash cloth, dampen it with hot water, apply the washcloth to the coldsore and rip the cold sore off. afterwords apply vasoline/neosporine to the open wound. i have yet to have a problem transmitting the virus, even minutes after ripping the cold sore off. this is the fastest way i have found to rid myself of the embarassing sores. as for preventing the outbreaks, i try to live my life as stress free as possible. i have found that stress is the main cause of getting cold sores. i may have 3 outbreaks a year, each of which lasting no more than 12 hours.
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