Hydrogen Peroxide and Lysine for Cold Sores

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Jay (San Francisco, California) on 09/28/2008:
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Today, i mixed the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide with L-lysine together to make a paste, then i applied it onto my cold sore, a few minutes later, my cold sore gets bigger and more red, any suggestions about whats going on and if its helping?

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Jason (Little Rock, AR) on 10/21/2006:
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I used lysine supplements already to cure HSV 1. I'd had some success using it and also used facial masks off and on to try to help clean my skin. I tried the combo of Hydrogen Peroxide and crushed lysine. This eliminated my symptoms almost instantly. After trying it and getting 7 hours sleep, my lesions were gone, healed and there wasn't a trace of anything on my face!! Highly recommended!
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Anonymous (Kansas City, Missouri) on 02/26/2006:
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To cure herpes break outs, simply crush lysine tablets up into powder, mix hydrogen peroxide with the powder, stir well, apply paste to lesions, the oxygen i the peroxide sinks deep in the skin to kill the virus, and the lysine acts as a "shield" to prevent it from coming back in the same spot, heals very rapidly. In order to kill the herpes virus, u must introduce oxygen into the blood, (or onto the affected area) oxygen will rid the virus. lysine helps with the destruction of the virus as well, and also keeps it in remission. Try this, this is guaranteed to work. also do a google search on BHT, (the next cure for herpes). BHT looks to be a breakthrough next to oxygen therapy.
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