Vitamin E With Naturals for Skin, Itchy

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Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 12/11/2007:
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Shari, I should have mentioned another solution to your itchy problems - a product that I found locally at Dollar Tree called Vit.E with naturals supplied by Fruit of the Earth - It comes in Aloe Gel, Vit.E with Natural Gel, Vit. E cocobutter, etc. This Vit. E with Naturals get stuff is fantastic-the only thing that I have ever found that will stop the intense itching caused by that confounded plant called poison ivy/oak -not only stops the itching but dries it up -the naturals in it are herbals like calendula, burdock, etc. Anything that stops that horrible itching of poison ivy should help with any itching also. The only place I have found it here is mentioned above but I suspect it can probably be found in health groceries (probably much higher than the $l price in above mentioned store) When I found this [product stopped the itching & also dried the rash up within 3 days I look for more every time I go through their store and have a good supply in my bathroom.

Also for another wart remedy, I have had patients tell me that piercing a Vit.E capsule and squeezing it onto their warts 2-3 times a day made them disappear.

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