Vitamin C for Skin, Itchy

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Katt (La) on 01/17/2014:
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Apple cider vinegar baths work to get rid of the itching but I had it crazy insane itching burning after research, This is how to neutralize toxins and stop itching fast and naturally, I took megadoses of high quality vitamin C it worked right away I mean fast I could sleep. I continued taking high doses and after a three days the itching stopped, I ordered the nanaparticles vitamin C and just kept taking it for one month, The itching was similar to what I had when I took antibiotics and I had fungal overgrowth. I was put on a potent anti fungal and I went on the anti candida diet until it was under control then I went a natural candida elimination formula that the clerk said killed candida along with oxygen drop, Cell food, to ensure all candida overgrowth was killed
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