Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide for Skin, Itchy

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Luvjoypc (Beaverton, Oregon) on 02/05/2012:
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Borax, Hydrogen peroxide!

Whew. What a relief! I have been perplexed as to me and my children's ailment for over a month now. Started with intense itching after getting into bed one night. Then my children started exhibiting signs. Took them to dr first, as my dermatologist was booked until Feb 7. Their doctor said "folliculitis" and then took daughter again for a cough, doctor said "impetigo. " Then when I showed her my hand, she said "could it be fleas or scabies?" I freaked out! I really hoped it wasn't. To make a long story short, checked house and cleaned for fleas. No response with a home remedy check for fleas. Tonight while researching, found this info. Kids are asleep, but I mixed borax with hy. Peroxide. Mixed in a bowl and poured over body. Total relief. I have also been using tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil for a few weeks now, so I think that's why it wasn't getting worse, but wasn't getting better either! Tomorrow, my kids get the bath and we will continue to do mounds of laundry! Can't wait for this to be over!!!! There is relief in site for those of you looking. All the best!

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