Apple Cider Vinegar for Skin, Itchy

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Julie (Springfield, Mo) on 07/05/2011:
5 out of 5 stars

I've had good luck with it clearing up itchy skin issues. I dilute Apple Cider Vinegar with water 50/50 and dab it on several times a day, even when it is not itching. Using it consistently is the trick, it takes awhile for it to heal. vinegar will help some with itching but it will help more with healing.
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Sharon (Nickerson, Ks) on 06/19/2011:
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I have a question... I have had a place on the back of my right arm and around my neck that have itched for quite awhile... At least 2 yrs or better. Sometimes it worse than other times. I have tried meds from several different drs. With nothing really helping. Lately it's been really bad all day & nite. Will wake me up at nite itching. I scratch until I have little welts or pimple like things. I have tried taking Organic apple cider vinegar internally at least 3x's a day in RO water as well as splashing it on the area, which burns quite a bit. I am looking for some type of home remedy that actually works. I really can't see that the vinegar has helped any. I also use a lotion that a dermatologist perscribed that can be bought over the counter. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Desperate for some relief. Been taking the vinegar for atleast 3 wks. Thanks
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Karin (Leeuwarden, The Netherlands) on 03/11/2011:
4 out of 5 stars

Hi, Ive had exzema for years and use cortisol lots.. Im a Lab technician. Cortisol works for a bit but it always comes back. I was feeling really tired my neck muscles where stiff, exzema vlammed up and even a bit down. I typed in exzema cure on u tube there was this boy talking about EC. I went there and start reading. He sounded so serious and honest. After reading all the notes, ive buyed a bottle organic ACV and jar of coconut oil. Started drinking according to the receipt 2 spoons on a glass of water with a bit of honey. I feel like I just took a redbull..! My face is glowy and my neck stiffness seems almost gone! My head feels clear and my mind too! I will continue to drink and see how I feel and if my skin get better. whith these 2 ''new'' old remedies.

I already used tea tree 100% from chi to keep the bacteria/yeast/fungus away from my itchy red patches in my elbows. Its cooling, kills bacteria and anti iching. Will try ACV too (diluted)

I am dutch can anyone tell me where to get baking soda in our stores? Or what the product name is in the netherlands?

TYVM EC for providing this info!!

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Victoria (San Diego, CA) on 07/15/2009:
4 out of 5 stars

I've had what I think is brachial radial pruritus for about 6 years. I first noticed while living in Thailand during my pregnancy. It is extremely itchy, especially at night and has some relationship with heat and/or humidity and may be related to problems with the cervical disk. The itch is followed by small red bumps on the upper arms and shoulders. No amount of scratching helps and the itch seems to be deep inside the nerves. It is the worst itch ever and will keep you up all night and in tears trying to find relief. The bumps become unsightly and painful from picking and get pin prick like painful impulses going through them when the situation is really inflamed. I tried every product imaginable and the only relief I eventually found was by using ice packs to numb my arms at night until I passed out. In the winter it goes away. Recently I tried ACV as the weather was getting hotter and I could feel it coming on. I don't believe it is curing it, but I think the ACV is helping to minimize the itching and symptoms so that I am not scratching uncontrollably.

I hope to find a cure eventually, but in the meantime this is helping.
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Marsha (Pittsburgh, PA) on 07/13/2009:
5 out of 5 stars

I used pure apple cider vinegar to cure my itching feet. My feet breakout in tiny itching bumps (not athlete's feet). The itch was so bad, I would scratch until they bled and then still scratched after the bleeding. I soaked my feet in 1 quart of undiluted APV for approx. 30 min. and finally the itching was gone immediately. All the dry dead skin, which I thought had all been scraped off was also gone. I don't know if it should have been diluted, but I was desperate.
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Sue (Ontario, Canada) on 01/30/2009:
5 out of 5 stars

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I have not idea why my arms were so itchy. Intense itch that kept my up through the night. Recently i felt a crawling sensation and biting.Yikes! I figured it was some sort of skin parasite(non-contagious) After spending alot of money and going to the doctors , nothing was working.... until a finally stumbled on your site. The first day, i bathed in ACV(1/2 cupt) plus applied it directly.Then i drank it 2x (2 tablespoons) a day, applied it directly 2x a day as well. Now i am on day 6 , and my arms are almost completely healed. lots of sores prior to. little sign of any parasite. God bless you and Thank you!
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Mario (London, United Kingdom) on 02/27/2008:
5 out of 5 stars

Yesterday I was terrified with an itch in my but and very stressed to find a solution for my problem. I thought to myself, must have something to put on to finihed or to easy this terrible problem. When searching the net I found Earthclinic, and I try Apple Cider Vineger as a topic solution,its works... and today i am fealing much better, no itchin that's great!! thannk you Earthclinic.
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Trish (Kansas City, MO) on 02/24/2008:
5 out of 5 stars

I tried bathing in Apple Cider Vinegar, as suggested by others, and had luck. I added just a 1/4 cup of the raw ACV I always keep in my refridgerator to my bathwater and laid in it for about half an hour. I felt immediate relief after getting out of the tub. I still have just a slight itching today, but it is remarkably better.
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Tim (Kent, WA) on 11/18/2007:
5 out of 5 stars

I have been on acid reflux medications for a year and a half. First I was on Ranitidine, then Prevacid, then Omeprazole, which I take each night just before I go to bed. I also have been using HCTZ and Lisinopril for high blood pressure. Recently, for about 6 weeks I got very sick. I felt dizzy, nausea, headache, and lost appetite completely. I went 5 days with almost no food and lost about 10 lbs in 10 days. I changed diet, tried everything but nothing worked. At the end of this episode I would get the "feeling" of high fever in my head plus headache. I also felt very cold and had to crank up the heat quite a bit. However, every time I took my temperature it was totally normal. If I took Advil or Tylenol for headache it didn't do anything because I really didn't had a headache or temperature, it was something else. In addition to all this, I also had severe itching all over my body as soon as I went to bed. It lasted for about 30-60 minutes. There was no redness or any other marks on my body.....just plain itching.

My doctor finally told me to get off of Omeprazole. The next day was a new day in my life. All the symptoms were completely gone as if were never sick in the first place. The nightly itching also went away completely the night I skipped Omeprazole. My doctor correctly predicted that it may take up to 7 days to get rid of all the symptoms. Well, on the second day some of the symptoms came back but at half the strength and things got progressively better each day. The bad thing was that my acid reflux really started to bother me the second day (48 hrs after quitting Omeprazole). I had lot of chest pain and rumbling activity in my stomach.... like a little storm inside my stomach. Unlike other people I do not have heartburn from acid reflux. I have chest pains in different part of my chest or sometime stomach. I also experience bloating and gas.

I found and tried 1 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar in 1 cup of water and it worked immediately. Three hours later the acid reflux came back and I experienced a lot of discomfort. I took another dose (1 tsp in 1 cup of water) and the rest of the night was perfect with no problems. The following day I increased the dosage to 1 TBSP of ACV in 1 cup of filtered water 3x a day just before each meal and have been using this dosage daily. So it took practically took one day for ACV to do its magic. For the past 10 days I feel I have acid reflux totally under control. My blood pressure is also going down every day. I expect to be off of blood pressure medication soon. As an added bonus the acne on my back is finally under control. I was on antibiotics for 15 years until I found a supplemental milk shake that helped me get off of antibiotics for the past 3 years. I had to stop using it to figure out what was causing my sickness and the acne flared up again. I read about hydrogen peroxide on this site and that worked amazingly well on the acne on my back. So the combination of hydrogen peroxide and ACV is working great.

I do feel some affect of ACV on the back of my tongue or sometimes in my throat. Luckily, in 10 days it is not too bad, maybe because I only use 1 TBSP instead of 2. My doctor has approved ACV and said that it doesn't have any harmful affects so I am free to try it for acid reflux. However, the doctor clearly said NO BAKING SODA because of high blood pressure. I see that baking soda and sea salt is mentioned a lot on this site to help reduce the acid taste but some of us can't use baking soda or salt. Does anyone have any suggestions? If you do, please email me. Because of sugar I would rather not use too much honey or apple juice if I can help it because I am taking this 3x times a day but if I have to then I will. May be I can add only a little bit apple juice in water rather than adding ACV to apple juice directly. Not sure if that's OK. If you could share any personal experiences in this regard that would be great. Thanks.
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Joe (Philadelphia, PA) on 05/27/2007:
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, I recently had an outbreak of itching, mainly in my groin area and innner thigh. I believe it was a reaction to eye drop drugs I'm taking for an eye problem, but I am still trying to figure out the cause.

Anyhow, the itching was relentless and I was trying all kinds of stuff for relief. I was extremely irritable to say the least. Then I remembered that my dad once told me cows used to be fed apple cider vinedar to ward off infections and other ailments. So I tried it and within an hour ALL ITCHING STOPPED!!! I was SO RELIEVED I couldn't stop smiling!!!!! Right now I am itch free and will take apple cider vinegar daily.

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