Homeopathy for Itchy Eyes

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Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 03/17/2010:
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Due to my allergies I used to have very itchy eyes which was quite disaggreable. The more I scratched the more they itched. I tried a lot of things but nothing ever seemed to work well. One thing which relieved the itching a bit was powder charcoal inside my eye as an eye liner but now I have found something else, which funny enough is helping quiet well. Although I have tried to find the English name for the product I don't manage. It is a calcium supplement, actually calcium salts. Here in France it is called Sels Calcaires. You take a tiny little bit of the powder morning and evening before the meals and let melt in your mouth. As it is a homeopathic remedy you should wait 15 minutes before eating. I started taking it because of my age (52) thinking that maybe I needed a bit of calcium and to my suprise my eyes stopped itching right away so did my throat. The connection between the calcium and my allergies is not clear to me. Actually I have just had a blood test and the calcium level is actually very good so I didn't even seem to be missing any still..... but what do their levels really mean? I hope that this helps other people with the same problem because although it is not a dangerous condition it does wreck your life! I wonder whether things will stay this good after I finish taking the salts because you are supposed to take them only for 4 to 6 weeks.
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