Chlorophyll Oil for Ileocecal Valve Issues

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Galen (Atlanta, GA) on 03/19/2021:
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Was reading through these cures and decided to post given that no one had mentioned a great remedy for a stuck valve. The massaging of the area (4 or 3 fingers down from belly button, then 4 or three fingers to the right) with moderate pressure pulling up and toward the left shoulders is a good start.

But here's a trick I learned many years ago....taking soft gels of chlorophyll OIL a little before eating helps keep the valve from sticking. I find taking one at a meal is all it takes. Very hard to find the oil. Standard Process, a Naturopathic brand makes an excellent one. (your Chiro or Naturopathic doctor can order it for you.) I am a health food store owner who was raised with natural medicine....

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