Ileocecal Valve Issues

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Diagnosing a Stuck Ileocecal Valve

marsh (colorado) on 07/31/2021
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A person with an open ileocecal valve will feel better when stationary and worse when moving around. Someone with a closed valve will feel worse upon rising or being inactive and better when moving around. (NeuroHealth Chiropractic, 2013)
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Chlorophyll Oil for a Stuck Ileocecal Valve

Galen (Atlanta, GA) on 03/19/2021
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Was reading through these cures and decided to post given that no one had mentioned a great remedy for a stuck valve. The massaging of the area (4 or 3 fingers down from belly button, then 4 or three fingers to the right) with moderate pressure pulling up and toward the left shoulders is a good start.

But here's a trick I learned many years ago....taking soft gels of chlorophyll OIL a little before eating helps keep the valve from sticking. I find taking one at a meal is all it takes. Very hard to find the oil. Standard Process, a Naturopathic brand makes an excellent one. (your Chiro or Naturopathic doctor can order it for you.) I am a health food store owner who was raised with natural medicine....

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Massaging Thighs Helps Ileocecal Valve Incompetence

Christel (Northern Ireland) on 10/08/2016
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For Ileocecal Valve Incompetence, my kinesiologist told me to massage my inner and outer thighs 10x every day, start from the knees up, it helps to close the valve and has stopped my diarrhea.
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Dietary Changes For Ileocecal Valve Incompetence

Lindsay (Bc., CA) on 03/05/2015
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I have had on and off ICV problems for 35 years. I do get tired of it. I have a dull pain near the area of my appendix but just a bit higher when it acts up. It started with eating lots of rice crackers and popcorn. Now I cannot tolerate too much raw vegies, nuts or scritchy, scratchy food! So annoying! If I don`t pay attention my liver starts to get sore. Taking cal/mag helps too but I can't tolerate any form of magnesium (yes including l-threonate) or I get diarrhea. I was just hoping for any new ideas. I miss not being able to eat salads as often as I would like. I will give the Castor Oil a try.
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Re: Multiple Remedies Helping Ileocecal Valve Incompetence

Lina (Riverside, CA) on 06/16/2014
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I've been suffering with ICV incompetence for over four months now starting out with random headaches that lead me to see my nutritionalist who confirmed my icv was not working properly and tracked it down to my lower back being out of place. I now am going to the chiropractor and things are slowly getting better as well as starting yoga to strengthen my lower back/core. Anyone suffering from this, here are some treatments: avoid spicy food, see a chiropractor, take slippery elm capsules (aids digestion), castor oil packs, and self massaging the area. Also what helped me was the information in the book Gut Feeling by Gary Richer. It will help you pinpoint the cause of your icv problems as well as helpful treatments and self-massages you can do. Hope this helps please feel free to email me with any questions(:
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Re: Castor Oil Pack for a Stuck Ileocecal Valve

Desi (Canada) on 02/27/2014
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Stuck Ileocecal Valve: I've had this problem for years now and no Dr. could figure out what the pain was all about. I just recently had a Bio Feed back session done where I was told my ICV was not working properly, thus the stabbing pain in my belly button area and diaphragm ( not the usual spot on the right side by the hipbone but still...) She recommended I go home and do a cure/detox with a so-called "Castor Oil hot pack" discovered by Edgar Cayce ( You can Youtube it). Recommended 3 days in a row on, 3 days off, for 2 weeks. Only took 1 hour at night laying in the couch with the warm castor oil pack and heating pack on my tummy. Today is the day after my 2nd treatment and I am literally painfree already. Its a great detox for not just ICV issues...I think my liver is smiling today too. Good luck and I hope this tip helps you all get better xoox
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